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The First Customers podcast is on a mission to learn how entrepreneurs, founders, CEOs, and sales & marketing experts found their very first customers. Each episode goes deep into the stories of people across a variety of industries: Manufacturing, Logistics, SaaS, Coaching/Training/Teaching, Recruiting, Travel, Podcasting, Engineering, and more.

The First Customers podcast is hosted by Paris Vega, a digital marketer with twenty years of experience in Design, Web Dev, SEO, Ecom, & Lead Gen.

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Each interview figures out how someone went from zero to one customer. The very beginning of a business when the founder, marketing, or sales team stare at an empty client list and reach out to their first prospects is an important moment.

What patterns are there in the strategy and tactics used across different industries?

What works, and what doesn’t?

How does one human convince another to take a chance on their new business?

Let’s find out together on the The First Customers podcast.

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