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24: How does Jeff Beale, Mr. Marketology, turn awareness into sales for brands like The Home Depot?

Jeff Beale, Founder and Marketing Strategist at The Marketology Group, develops marketing strategies for frustrated businesses who want to go from brand awareness to sales. He’s worked with brands like Home Depot, Turner Broadcasting, and more.

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Jeff is an expert marketer with decades of experience. In this episode he shares his journey from being in the military to becoming Mr Marketology. His practical actionable advice shows you how to get your first sales using digital marketing and automation.


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Show Transcript

Paris Vega (00:01.015)
welcome to the first customers podcast today we have jeff beale he’s the founder and marketing strategist at the marketology group he develops marketing strategies for frustrated businesses who want to go from brand awareness to sales he’s worked with brands like home depot turning broadcasting and more and he’s been featured in publications like seeing in fox and other big publications jeff welcome to the show

Mr Marketology (00:26.6)
hey thanks for having me on paris

Paris Vega (00:29.135)
let’s start off by getting right into how you’ve got your first customers for the marketology group

Mr Marketology (00:35.74)
well first customers i see a lot of people will say well you know i don’t know how it happened it just happened really it was refer doing work with companies um at the time i was working at an agency and they were like well our agency isn’t going to be able to take on this customer so we know that you do good work would you like to take this on moonlight so that’s how i got my first customer

Paris Vega (00:46.035)

Paris Vega (01:04.555)
well that was very generous of the agency cause i know some companies will have a policy like you can’t do any work with clients or you can’t do side work in the same industry that you know your day job or that kind of thing okay so they connected you with that customer maybe talk a little bit about why they they trusted you with that or why they would comin

Mr Marketology (01:13.96)

Mr Marketology (01:24.7)
well the beautiful thing is you know it was kind of in the same work that i was doing anyway and this customer couldn’t afford the agency so since they you know couldn’t afford the fees they said well we don’t really want to turn them away we know that they can be helped um and see i was different than most most people say don’t tell your job that you have your own business or don’t tell your job you’re starting your own business i was very transparent i was like no this is something

Paris Vega (01:35.175)

Paris Vega (01:41.455)

Paris Vega (01:49.195)

Paris Vega (01:53.115)

Mr Marketology (01:54.64)
i’m doing i’m working here but i also have my own and i’m inspiring to keep my own not just a side hustle i never called it a hustle it was my business and so i built relationship with my my superiors you know the co the vice president directors they all knew me we all were you know very cordial and friends um and so just one day they were like this client they won’t be able to work with our company because

Paris Vega (02:04.435)

Mr Marketology (02:24.62)
a little smaller than what we usually take on would you be interested and of course i was like yes definitely um and it was it was an easy transition m because i was already talking with them in the pitch process already knew what they needed we already offered it was pretty much what we offered any way is just that their their price point there budget couldn’t afford the agency price

Paris Vega (02:24.715)

Paris Vega (02:51.515)
right all right so that is how the first customer came in what about maybe the first few after that and are you still working at that other agency or are you full time on the market okay okay

Mr Marketology (03:02.72)
no that was a long time ago so yeah i currently just working with my own business now and over the time it’s funny that you said that i was thinking about that today how do i get the majority of my customers and the majority of my customers were the same way i knew somebody that was an executive at a company that executive knew somebody that needed help and they said hey this is the person you should talk to

Paris Vega (03:11.655)

Mr Marketology (03:32.84)
and the introduction was made um it’s funny i do marketing and marketing is what i helped businesses with but a lot of the business that you get depending on your type of business may come from just relationship building so marketing is more than just pitching them on a product of service or or some magical marketing message it’s relationships and those relationships may not be with your exact customer

Paris Vega (03:49.795)

Mr Marketology (04:02.52)
peck or lead it might be with somebody that knows them that can refer you to business

Paris Vega (04:07.535)
yeah that’s a good point because i think in marketing sales a lot of the time that’s the main focus is you got to get those leads you gotta connect with the target audience directly and get those leads from from that source but but yeah that’s a good point that just having good relationships and good reputation in general uh can lead to leads and sales that you weren’t even going after directly

Mr Marketology (04:16.6)

Mr Marketology (04:34.98)
yes and it has a lot to do with your business mode so for my business model i worked very hand on hand to hand with my client helping them build out their strategies so it’s a service based now if i was in retail let’s say i was selling pictures you know shirts and it was in volume that might not work as well because of the volume aspect of it and you’re not unless you’re building custom shirts

Paris Vega (04:39.355)

Paris Vega (04:53.415)

Paris Vega (05:00.795)

Mr Marketology (05:04.86)
painting custom pictures you know you you aren’t going to have that one to one relationship so it depends on your business model but for certain ones yeah refers help a lot

Paris Vega (05:05.355)

Paris Vega (05:12.135)

Paris Vega (05:14.875)
the point

Paris Vega (05:19.075)
okay and so for your own business are you like just totally focused on your clients where you’re not even doing like you know social post or marketing campaigns and adds and all that kind of

Mr Marketology (05:31.38)
now you put me on the spot now paris you put me on the spot i definitely do it for my clients i don’t do it as much for myself as i should the cables kids have no shoes i do work on it and as i have time i put out stuff and sometimes i’ll employ vas help assist me with doing it and i love playing with automation i even have my fat checkers i have my fat

Paris Vega (05:37.735)

Paris Vega (05:42.655)
yeah exactly yep

Paris Vega (05:55.275)

Mr Marketology (06:01.24)
check is to say hey jeff i saw your post and i know you didn’t post it so i’ve been doing a lot of playing around and testing with a i and and testing with automation you know i basically built out automation so i do a lot of testing on my own with automation to see what works and what doesn’t work so when i’m working with clients i can say well i don’t think this is going to work because i tried it on myself

Paris Vega (06:29.975)

Mr Marketology (06:31.22)
but yeah as far as like for my own i do a lot of testing when i’m trying to get generate client tell that’s relationship building is still for i would say probably eighty to ninety percent of my business comes in from the relationships i built um from the marketing aspect i do generate some from that but most of it and in my case comes from my relationships now in my

Mr Marketology (07:01.28)
its case a lot of it comes from the marketing that’s being done but a lot of them aren’t aren’t strategist and consultants either so they are not one to one it’s more of a larger audience

Paris Vega (07:05.695)

Paris Vega (07:10.995)
yeah i think that’s a really good point that i don’t think we’ve really clarified on other podcasts but considering the business model and that one to one versus one to many and that determining kind of the style or the like the strategy for your approach to marketing and generating leads so how do you go about building relationships then that might take like some kind of backing up into you know maybe some of your personal history or whatever but but how do you appro

Mr Marketology (07:21.32)

Mr Marketology (07:40.6)

Paris Vega (07:40.735)
you’re building relationships or is it just you just naturally live your life and that kind of happen

Mr Marketology (07:46.16)
a lot of beer pares a lot of beer now it’s just being being very transparent and authentic just building friendships you know a lot of the people that i talk with their really down the earth people i’ve had a gift i guess that i don’t i don’t look at people’s titles as a superiority or inferiority so whether you’re the janitor

Paris Vega (07:49.535)
is that what it is

Mr Marketology (08:16.14)
the co or the owner i talked to you the same way i approach you the same way um so i’ve had the privilege of making friends and having personal phone numbers to a lot of people that they said you can’t talk to them they’re your boss there they’re a co of this company there you know and i’ve had the privilege of just we have conversations we might go out and get a beer you know might go out to a m you know restaurant and have a beer or have lunch

Paris Vega (08:40.275)

Mr Marketology (08:46.7)
and it’s really personal we do talk business sometimes but that’s because that’s in our nature or d and i talked business all the time so when i have friends to tell me i didn’t know that’s what you do i’m like you’re not really a friend because i talked business all day every day so obviously you’re not listening to what i’m talking about but i mean business will come up but it’s not a phone call like hey paris um i need some business do you know anybody

Paris Vega (08:50.295)
yeah yeah

Paris Vega (08:57.115)

Mr Marketology (09:16.18)
more of hey paris how things down there in alabama man if they ain’t going on right but and then all of a sudden something might come up and you might say well i know somebody that’s opening up this business like really so what they plan on doing as far as marketing i don’t know let me find out and next thing you know refer so it’s it’s not really i’ve tried to be you know i’ve tried to have messaging go out and say hey um do you know anybody those don’t do too well

Paris Vega (09:19.935)

Paris Vega (09:30.555)

Mr Marketology (09:47.24)
they usually don’t um the funny part is the yeah

Paris Vega (09:48.595)
yeah it does come across a little weird on social media when you see those kind of posts like he do you know anybody who needs anything is like well maybe but this isn’t how you yeah

Mr Marketology (09:58.32)
yeah yeah it’s funny the ones that worked the best for me it’s just been the phone call to the hey how you been and next thing you know we start talking and naturally i’m gonna ask how is business down there how is the podcast coming along and naturally you’re going to ask how business well business is okay could be better and next thing you know the brains start working and we both start thinking hey this might be a good guest for your show and this might be a good person for you to help in

Paris Vega (10:11.955)

Paris Vega (10:16.435)

Paris Vega (10:18.675)
yeah yeah

Paris Vega (10:27.835)

Mr Marketology (10:28.3)
four yeah

Paris Vega (10:29.835)
okay so what about being a part of different groups or communities or uh organizations do you like kind of strategically get involved or are you involved in different types of organizations

Mr Marketology (10:45.16)
yes i do get involved with different types of organizations i would say my recommendation is always go as a fly on the wall first and see if you want to be a part because a lot of organizations i’m want to word this properly a lot of these networkings and organizations are pitch fist and nobody’s listening to each other they’re just steady telling you yeah and so it’s like you’re not go

Paris Vega (10:48.835)

Paris Vega (10:54.435)

Paris Vega (11:08.635)
yeah all the sales people selling yeah

Mr Marketology (11:15.undefined)
pick up any business because everybody’s there to pick up business um so i tend to like to if i am a part of those be the talker in the front of the room you know whole workshops hold uhwebinars things of that nature where i’m speaking to the crowd um and then as i meet people i try to have a more personal connection with them outside of just business so we can see

Paris Vega (11:29.175)

Mr Marketology (11:44.86)
you know a little bit about each other and then not always be on the guard of somebody’s trying to pitch me some business so that’s the one thing that i found has been a challenge with a lot of organizations um you know either the the organizer is all about pitching what they have and nobody else in the organization can pitch or everybody’s pitching and nobody’s catching so

Paris Vega (12:09.975)

Paris Vega (12:12.775)
yeah yeah that’s that’s been my experience as well being i know there’s like be an eye groups i think that that’s a popular one that kind of thing but yeah that makes sense to be the one speaking so holding different events um i saw that that’s one of the things you do a lot you speak at different events do you see a lot of leads come in from that whenever you like from a specific event

Mr Marketology (12:19.24)

Mr Marketology (12:37.84)
yeah you do you you definitely see a lot of lead um i’ve learned um putting automation in place putting some processes in place helps to qualify because you’ll get a lot of time kickers as well you get a lot of people that don’t want to tie you up and call you all the time and just pick your brain and my business picking my brain is picking my pockets um so it really is and i’m so freed

Paris Vega (12:52.295)
okay yeah

Paris Vega (13:07.035)
that’s good

Mr Marketology (13:07.84)
give out information so a lot of times i’ll find out an hour later than hey wait a minute i should you know charge consulting for you for that but um you know a lot of times you ll get those opportunities to speak in people will say okay i want to do business right now or if you have a automation in place it might not be immediate but it may be two three months down the line they’re ready to go ahead and do business but you’re keeping consistently community

Paris Vega (13:10.135)

Paris Vega (13:16.415)

Mr Marketology (13:37.66)
an whether social email tex phone calls whatever it may be they’re steady seeing you and when they’re ready now they say oh this is definitely the person i want to do business with

Paris Vega (13:50.135)
so you collect the emails at the event for example and then and then you get them into your funnel

Mr Marketology (13:52.92)
i do

Mr Marketology (13:56.undefined)
yes and the way i usually do it i offer them something so they can raise their hand you know most people pass out business cards and they pass their phone around mine is more of hey let me give you this value ad and you can go here to get it and then i just get them in the punt and i know the ones then who are best suited versus just getting a bunch and then i’m calling everybody trying to re

Paris Vega (14:07.235)

Mr Marketology (14:25.88)
mind them where saw me and so forth and going through that dance so yeah

Paris Vega (14:30.935)

Paris Vega (14:33.315)

Paris Vega (14:35.595)
so all right what is your target audience your target ideal customer

Mr Marketology (14:43.undefined)
my ideal customer is a business that’s already marketing they’re already advertising and they’re frustrated with the returns that they’re getting um they’re getting in traffic and they’ve already got a sales process but they just don’t know why they’re not getting the return so you know a company that’s already putting in some add budget you know they’re already putting out adds they’re already driving traffic you know to whether they’re webside or their social profile or the their doorstep

Mr Marketology (15:12.82)
no they’re already doing that um they already have somebody that can sell them because i tell people i’m not a sales coach i’m not really good at sales my thing is to make you want it so bad that all i have to do is offer it i don’t want to sell you i just want to offer you what you’re looking for and so with that then i will build out that whole experience that whole journey from the time that they found out about you to the time that is time to sell them so that ideal customer

Mr Marketology (15:42.76)
we’ll have to be doing something already degenerate traffic i used to try to help a lot of companies generate traffic but that has been a hurdle or really it’s a stopping stopping point because they get so focused on how er generating leads you know let’s do facebookasand they get so focused on the feature the facebook as the google that they missed the whole point and so i used to

Paris Vega (15:54.755)

Paris Vega (16:07.255)

Paris Vega (16:11.635)

Mr Marketology (16:12.9)
i used to offer that as well but the problem was i then became instead of a strategist and automating things and optimizing i became an employee that was just doing a management and co yeah and so because they were so focused on we need to drive more and you know sales is all about the numbers right so they say the more you drive the more you know but let’s look it like this if i can get ten people and i can close five

Paris Vega (16:27.435)

Mr Marketology (16:42.82)
it’s better than me having five hundred and i only close five and you say while you’re still closing five we here s the thing with ten people and five my resources of my labor my resources of talking to people all the money to get those ten is a lot less than the money to get the five hundred how many people i have to talk to in that five hundred that aren’t a good fit you know so i’m like let’s go ahead nd stream line make it make it really lean but we

Paris Vega (16:54.075)

Paris Vega (17:12.514)

Mr Marketology (17:12.78)
know who we’re talking to we know what they want we’re offering it with giving them a good user experience first is saying i’m just going to generate you a bunch of leaves i call it i say it’s ben you’re trying to sell ben a bins but ben is ten now ben might want of bens and he might love a bins but ben is ten and i can get you a million bens the b n s but they’re not going to buy any

Paris Vega (17:38.955)

Paris Vega (17:41.115)
yeah yeah

Mr Marketology (17:42.8)
en you know because they can’t afford it they dare out of age to buy one so we get so caught up in traffic and traffic and traffic and my thing is let’s get the right people give him the right offer take him the right down the right journey and then you can sell benzes all day because now ben’s twenty five and has a job and he wants the bins and he can afford it

Paris Vega (17:47.355)

Paris Vega (18:07.955)
right okay so you’re working with more established businesses not as much interested in people who hey i’ve got an idea and i need to get started that kind of thing so you can help scale up established businesses by sounds like automating some like lead qualifying steps their marketing process instead of just sending the five hundred leads straight to the sales team it’s like well let’s push those five hundred through the kind of automated filtering sell

Mr Marketology (18:16.2)

Mr Marketology (18:27.66)

Mr Marketology (18:36.08)
exactly yep exactly

Paris Vega (18:37.955)
select okay

Paris Vega (18:41.755)
that’s good all right so let’s talk a little bit about your background um where did you grow up and when you’re grown up did you do any sales related stuff or have to sell like candy or fund raiser or anything like that

Mr Marketology (18:59.94)
i wish i was i mean i grew up in virginia and um wasn’t the entreprenurial household um you know the very traditional go to college go get a good job so i did the whole college graduate masters degree first one on both sides of my family did the corporate america went up to executive ladder you know that whole thing um so that was my previous life my previous background

Paris Vega (19:03.115)

Mr Marketology (19:28.9)
always wanted to be an antrrneur um always had a itch only had a couple of family members that were entrpreneurs to model after um so went to the military from the military did that served in the air force m while in the air force m i found out that i was going to get out and have a dead in dead in career i was in ama so you can’t put that on your resume so what did you do

Paris Vega (19:54.635)

Mr Marketology (19:58.64)
for well you know i worked with missiles and bombs they were like yeah

Paris Vega (20:02.075)

Paris Vega (20:04.575)
doesn’t doesn’t translate to a civilian job very directly

Mr Marketology (20:07.88)
exactly yeah and this was back in the time when i got out was in like ninety six so this was the time when the quote going postal was a real thing so you definitely wasn’t putting that on your resume that she was in amo um so while i was getting out my last year i started working on their website now this was way back this when front page was the thing that before

Paris Vega (20:20.235)

Paris Vega (20:24.095)

Paris Vega (20:35.875)

Mr Marketology (20:37.12)
most people even know a t m l in front page was the thing so i told them that the website suck they had a symposium that they were doing so they said well if you don’t like it build a better one now this is a build a better one on your own time with no extra pay um so it’s like build a better one so that’s how i got into web design

Paris Vega (20:38.775)

Paris Vega (20:52.155)

Paris Vega (20:55.915)
so you were at the company you had gotten a job at a company and okay so so whose website was it then

Mr Marketology (20:59.36)
no i was an air force

Mr Marketology (21:04.48)
it was the air force website they had a annual symposium that they put on and i was i transition off the flight line so i was in the office now so i moved up to the big house and you know i’m looking at the website talking about you know their process and i’m like that sucks you know you got people across the world and they’ve got a register and it’s hard to register you can’t register on the website you can’t sign up on the webs of this

Paris Vega (21:06.315)
oh okay wow got you

Mr Marketology (21:34.38)
up and they said well if you don’t like it do something better and so i said okay well i will and so i learned how to do websites built the website from there did that for a couple of years got out a company that wanted to market to the government hired me because i had relationships with people and you know in high place they could hire so from there i was like you know ll stuff

Paris Vega (21:59.295)

Mr Marketology (22:04.3)
and uh getting any type of traction so they said well if you can do better do better well this when google wasn’t they went in their very infancy so this was back in you know yahoo days and yatacsanand so so yo was not even a real term but it was a thing so i was like okay well you know people search for this kind of stuff we can just put it in these directories you know this is how far

Paris Vega (22:15.835)

Paris Vega (22:21.815)
the early two thousands

Mr Marketology (22:34.64)
like ut directories not search engines yeah so started doing that and then from there um i moved to atlanta and i was like i want to do this agency life so when i got to atlanta got with an agency three sixty real premier agency um and they really taught me all the things co s c m um and then from there started working with different agencies

Paris Vega (22:34.655)
yeah demasyeahyeah

Mr Marketology (23:04.32)
started working with different in house companies because we were talking to consultants

Paris Vega (23:53.435)

Paris Vega (25:09.495)
so it just kind of naturally happened from one job to the next you were just solving the problems wherever you are to gain expertise okay cool all right let’s pause for just a second i’m getting alert are you getting any alerts on your end as far as the recording

Paris Vega (25:32.655)
yeah it says there’s but it looks like something coming through it says it’s uploading your video in the background but we got that warning so hopefully people can see you m so let’s let’s pause

Paris Vega (25:53.315)
well what it’s supposed to do is record on each of our computers locally while we’re recording and then it uploads everything at the end or like while we’re talking at uploads and then at the very end it finishes up but let’s prog right here and let me check the video make sure we’re good

Paris Vega (00:01.069)
all right we’re back had to solve a few little technical difficulties and things should be good now all right jeff let’s get into what you recommend for other businesses now so we talked about how you gained your expertise over the years you got into marketing automation more um and i’m not going to go through the full list of all the social platforms and tools and everything like i used to but just like to ask what do you recommend or what’s your like main

Mr Marketology (00:14.76)

Paris Vega (00:31.009)
marketing text stack that you use for a client these days that you recommend other people to use

Mr Marketology (00:36.66)
okay so really i’m gonna put in the caveat the disclaimer is based on the client and their audience so once the client understands their audience wherever their audience will go to find out information is where i recommend they go to provide the information but if their business to business linked in definitely um if they are retail i would say retail will probably be more facebook um um and instagram um if they’re

Paris Vega (00:43.909)
there we go

Paris Vega (00:57.049)

Mr Marketology (01:06.52)
ntertainment i would say more tip top you know also look at some of the drop audios like clubhouse so you can say speak your expertise um that’s something also that’s very important and being on different podcasts because when you’re in different podcast view our position as an expert in that particular industry so that’s another avenue as well as blogs that’s old school but bla

Paris Vega (01:17.949)

Mr Marketology (01:36.68)
still work um being out there with that so i would say as far as that’s concerned definitely that m definitely try to get on google you know optimize your sites co and all of that so you can be found um and then last

Paris Vega (01:36.689)

Paris Vega (01:53.349)

Mr Marketology (02:00.04)
i would say you know like i said just try to be on wherever your audience s it’s kind of hard to say across the board

Paris Vega (02:05.109)
okay right so what do you think about your or what is your marketing automation text stack like what are your the tools that you use for for marketing automation these days

Mr Marketology (02:18.68)
sure so um i use an auto mason wise i like builder all um builder all really has the majority of the marketing in this marketing suite so you know i like it because you can build your funnels you can build your email campaigns your text campaigns your graphic designs so it’s all really there um so that’s one of the ones i frequently use um also i love apollo of poll

Mr Marketology (02:48.64)
dio is a great one to find out contact information if you’re looking to do count base marketing and i particularly do more account based marketing than i do traditional um outreach marketing so mine i’m specifically let me explain what account based marketing is you find a specific target not audience but target person or company and you focus your marketing on that

Paris Vega (02:53.089)
how you use that

Paris Vega (03:09.049)

Mr Marketology (03:18.48)
particular company or person um you know and it can be several but it’s one to one type of marketing versus one to many so apollo is a good one m i let me see what’s another one i love um social media i like there’s a bunch of social cham um there’s a oh publer publar actually

Mr Marketology (03:48.42)
now has a i in it yeah pubbler is p b l r but they actually have a a in it so you don’t even have to do your own post any more you just give it a concept and it right your post and designed your pictures for you so that one is a real cool one um um so yeah there’s so many i’m a at junk software junk so i like playing

Paris Vega (03:49.989)
never heard of that one

Paris Vega (04:07.829)

Mr Marketology (04:18.48)
a lot of

Paris Vega (04:21.729)
okay cool so it just depends on the client as far as what kind of mix of tools you might use for a given account

Mr Marketology (04:28.38)
yeah yeah and i tell people do the ones you’re going to use i mean i might like let’s use email marketing i might like um like i used to love help spot but some companies wouldn’t use help spot you know even though it’s very powerful you know they’re like infusions off or they’re like um you know mail them and so the thing is instead of trying

Mr Marketology (04:58.34)
forced them to use something that they don’t want to use for one reason or another use the one that they’re going to actually use i have one company that use active campaign because they like the colors i mean literally it was because they like the colors that was it it matched the company brand colors and i was like what does that have to do with anything but that’s the reason they would want to use that software versus some of his competitors

Paris Vega (05:27.329)
all right let’s do a little little scenario game or kind of theorizing here so i’m just going to give you like a maybe a type of company in their goal and you can kind of hypothetically give a little strategy or how you might approach the their situation so um one of the projects i’m involved with is in the trucking industry and so we help trucking companies find

Mr Marketology (05:37.9)

Mr Marketology (05:44.86)

Paris Vega (05:57.269)
more truck drivers hire truck drivers because that’s a high turnover so let’s say a trucking company starting out a new trucking company they’re wanting to grow they’re wanting to hire more truck drivers uh they can get those in the form of applications or leads from forms or whatever but what would you suggest for that kind of a company

Mr Marketology (05:59.02)

Mr Marketology (06:15.46)

Mr Marketology (06:19.76)
okay so for that company if your your actual target audience are truck drivers i would say take it into this approach one of course go on the job boards where the truck drivers go to look for jobs do that okay also on your website have a funnel built you know looking for looking to be a truck driver or looking for new trucking company with better benefits things of that nature have them fill that out

Mr Marketology (06:49.5)
get on your email list um then with your job applications instead of having the traditional job application that just takes them through name address this that in the third have some qualifying questions and then send them as another thing send them to some sort of landing pay some sort of funnel or export those people in to an email campaign that puts them through

Mr Marketology (07:19.52)
process what you want to do is you want to keep communicating with them even if they don’t get the position because you say it’s a high turnover rate so if it’s a high turn over rate they may have taken a position with another company one minute but six months later they make decide they don’t like them and want to now go with you you know also the wording is very important the wording you know i remember when i was job searching i could scan

Paris Vega (07:41.529)

Mr Marketology (07:49.58)
see that word unfortunately very quickly and be like unfortunately we have decided to go with a different candidate so the men i see unfortunately in the email dey so i would change the wording so that they will be like okay so i may not have gotten the position at this time but i’m still in the running i’m still you know available um so you want to keep them

Paris Vega (07:54.809)

Mr Marketology (08:19.58)
in your communication string and so that’s what i would do then also um on your social i would show more of culture than i would of trucks the majority of your competitors are going to just show trucks and they’re gonna show we’re haul in here and we’re doing this i would show we are family we’re culture we have fun when we truck we do this we do that you know we have

Paris Vega (08:46.669)

Mr Marketology (08:49.84)
day we have this day and so forth so people are like i want to work for that company because i want to be a part of that culture more than the pay because some people will take less pay because it’s a better company so that’s what i would recommend in regard to that and then of course as you’re doing it every you know six months you follow up where everybody you know i mean you will be in your automation you don’t have to physically follow up with them but just

Paris Vega (08:50.809)

Mr Marketology (09:19.86)
hey how thin you going you know you’re still on the road what’s going on ask them the questions they want to know have your truck broke down and what happened did the company just build on you did the company you know are you do you have a fleet card or the company making you come out of your pocket and show receipts and get reimversed you know you know the paying points these truckers have you know some of these companies i have a friend as a trucker and he told me some stories and i’m like but man they supposed to have a fleet card what are you doing

Paris Vega (09:31.909)

Paris Vega (09:44.989)

Paris Vega (09:49.309)

Mr Marketology (09:49.54)
coming out of your pocket you know a couple of hundred dollars to put gas in a truck and then get a hope to get reinversed which he’s actually taking them the court because they’re not reivers them and it’s like they’re trucking company they’re supposed to have a fleet car you don’t even supposed to ware about that kind of stuff so those are the type things where you can retain more employees because they’re like i don’t have to deal with that with this company and i’m working with this company over here which may be willing to pay me the same amount

Paris Vega (09:51.649)
my gas and stuff right

Paris Vega (10:00.429)

Paris Vega (10:07.569)

Mr Marketology (10:20.02)
but i don’t trust them i don’t know how they are this company seems so fun to work with and that depends on if you’re dealing with old school truckers or you’re dealing with new truckers because the new you know new younger truckers they’re in the travel they have fun to experience the adventure old school truckers they’re like it’s a job i just go to point at a point be i’m not i’m not stopping i’m not you know new school truckers be like hey can i take a

Mr Marketology (10:49.56)
break i’m going now to new york can i maybe take a dato experience new york you know or do i have to turn around and come right back you know that type of thing so you can say hey these are some of the advantages so that’s what i recommend

Paris Vega (11:05.089)
that’s good i appreciate that i was figuring you knew somebody in the trucking industry becase you’re gettin really specific about some of the main points that i was like wait a minute now

Mr Marketology (11:12.34)
i just talked about this last about two weeks ago yeah his truck broke down he had to have a tow from tennessee and then the company went to play games we’re not goin to reinverse you for this we’re not gonna help you get the truck fixed and then it was a headache and i was like man i didn’t know you went through that because you’re going through a company they have insurance right they have warranties right why did you have to worry about how you going to get it told how

Paris Vega (11:21.249)

Mr Marketology (11:40.9)
going to get it fixed how are you going to pay for the gas you know that’s more than i would do at a company if i worked for a company under a company’s name now if i was just like an independent contractor and you know they were paying me based on the load and it wasn’t like i was employed by them that’s different

Paris Vega (11:43.769)

Paris Vega (12:02.089)
yeah a lot of the trackers have a have a hard time out there dependent on what company they get linked up with because i know a lot of them just run them running into the ground or just treat them like numbers but so it’s hard for him to find companies that treat him like you’re saying where they have a good culture and they’re treated well so that makes sense that focusing on those things could help you attract the right people to your company are better drivers to your company and maybe even not even have to pay as much because of treating them better

Mr Marketology (12:09.68)

Mr Marketology (12:31.2)
yeah and in bill’s loyalty you know they will definitely be loyal because it’s an experience they won’t get at other companies that’s the reason a lot of people work at google and facebook the experience you can go take a nap at google i mean with other job actually has nap centers where you can literally go take a nap you know now that triggered my yeah i took your mind

Paris Vega (12:34.129)

Paris Vega (12:40.289)
and then yeah

Paris Vega (12:45.069)

Paris Vega (12:51.949)
right yeah now that there’s a lot of remote work we triggered an a but

Mr Marketology (13:01.08)
move he’s like look david talk about don’t don’t give the company secrets

Paris Vega (13:04.109)
yeah uh

Paris Vega (13:08.329)
that’s great awesome well this has been good man i appreciate your insights and being on the show today i think we’ve covered a lot of good stuff and if you want maybe take the last few minutes here and just act as though you’ve got a target audience that might be interested in your services and just give the kind of pitch for what you do and if you got any books or any other thing you know anything for sale that you want promote haven’t it

Mr Marketology (13:37.4)
okay well i mean if anybody is looking to help automate and optimize their marketing feel free to reach out his mrmarketology on everything mrmarketology dot com as well as social um i also give out free marketing assessment so if you want an assessment um and see if we’re a good fit because i believe in having win win win situations um so you know i give out free marketing assessments and with that you can just go

Mr Marketology (14:07.28)
the website and you can sign up for an assessment um and then also for those that just want to you know look from afar i actually have a community that i just built out called lunch money marketing dot com and at lunch money marketing every day at lunch i go over a different marketing strategy and we’ll just talk about it how it works something you’ve heard of something you may not have heard of and you can pick my brain to ask questions and so forth

Paris Vega (14:19.829)

Mr Marketology (14:37.26)
so that’s how you can get in contact my main goal is just to help people business is not be overwhelmed and frustrated with their marketing because it doesn’t have to be something that’s so complicated it can be simple um just putting the right principles in place

Paris Vega (14:56.549)
awesome well thank you again jeff and that’s another episode of the first customers podcast hopefully everybody learns something and you can plot to your own business your own sales job marketing job getting your start up go and feel free to reach out with any questions or anybody else you think we should have on the show um and we’ll see you next time thanks everybody


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