Here’s some of the evidence of the work I’ve done with companies around the world.

Reviews, Testimonials, & Feedback

I’m honored for the connections i’ve made and for the people who took a risk to give me a chance in the early days of my career. I’m grateful for all my past clients for trusting me with their projects and enabling me to earn a living to support my family. I’m thankful for my past coworkers who put up with my questions and taught me so much along the way. And I’m humbled by my business partners who have chosen to jump off the cliff with me and build the plane on the way down together.

Here are a few customer reviews, client testimonials, and coworker feedback from people I’ve worked with over the years as an entrepreneur, designer, web developer, product manager, digital marketing director, and chief growth officer.

Paris is a real digital pro – he knows UX and knows digital ecosystems and how to make products that look and function great. Highly recommend.

Andrew Korf, Experience & Service Design Director at Doctype Design and Technology Group

Paris is a man of his word. His creative work and code quality are top of the line. I highly recommend working with Paris for UX, design, and front end coding.

David Morrison, Digital Strategy Analyst at S&A Communications

Paris has great talents in design for creating unique user experience while staying on track with the requirements of the client. He puts in the extra time to create high quality designs without sacrificing usability for design.

Jonathan Marbutt, Vice President at WayCool Software, Inc.

Paris is amazing to work with! He went above and beyond what was expected of him, delivered an excellent product on time, and communicated clearly and promptly. I have zero reservations when handing a project over to him.

John Schluchter, Communications Director at Relevant Community Church

Paris has done a great job for us. He has good ideas and has worked well with our entire team.

Michael Rhodes, Director of Development at Teksouth Corporation

Paris is a very talented and gifted designer. I really am glad that he was part of our team.

Jamie Sullivan, Partner at Strike Hard Productions

Paris is a great asset to any project. From design to programming, he has delivered projects on time and went above our expectations. I would highly recommend working with him and look forward to working with him on future projects.

Robby White, Founder of The Nine

You are a genius. Simply one of the smartest plugins I ever saw 🙂 Great ergonomic idea.

Li-An, Owner of Echo Des Plugins, reviewing a WordPress plugin I made called Button It Up

Thanks for making this plugin! I’ll definitely be adding it to all my client sites.

Mark Root-Wiley,, reviewing a WordPress plugin I made called Button It Up

I hired Paris to create themes for SiteValet. Our themes control the overall design of the websites the SiteValet app produces. Paris was a pleasure to deal with and delivered good results. I’d happily hire Paris again, when the need arises.

Dave Hyndman, Founder of SiteValet & Dave’s Lobster

What sets Paris a part from the rest of the Internet gurus is his sincerity. He not only designs navigable and attractive Web sites, but he also goes the extra mile by answering every question afterward. As the web site designer and technology consultant for the Louisiana Solar Energy Society (LSES), Paris donated his time and skills to the non-profit campaign and continued helping the LSES long after he agreed. Paris undoubtedly has a genuine care for his clients, which is shown in his hard work, his designs’ effective results, and unfailing ability to put the client first.

Lindsay Hayes, State Coordinator at The Louisiana Solar Energy Society

Paris is a detail-oriented person who displays professionalism and commitment to excellence. His work ethic and integrity are unparalleled and anyone who chooses him to do work for them would benefit greatly.

Darryl Gay, Cyber Security Engineer at MKS2 Technologies

Paris is about as ninja as ninja gets when it comes to the World of 101010101. A mere glance from his steely pupils makes Rubik’s Cube-like code mysteries wilt in terror, and heaven forbid he actually has to lay hands on your busted site — those stray bits and bytes will be marching in perfect Vega synchronicity within nanoseconds. A pro’s pro, that Paris Vega is. Throw wads of cash at him now, sit back and watch wads of cash roll in because of his effort and talent!

David Wasson, Sports Marketing Director

Paris is a joy to work with. He is an amazing developer and has wonderful vision. He always maintains professionalism and a great attitude.

Sandra Brooks, Software Engineer

Paris created a beautiful website for our agency. It is clean, professional and easy to navigate. The design is welcoming to prospective adoptive parents and provides several ways for families to interact with the agency. Paris was very punctual and the integrity of his work was excellent. I would highly recommend Paris to anyone that is seeking a new web design. He was also very professional and ensured that the design fitted our needs and the needs of our clients.

Anne Baldwin-Burgess, Villa Hope Adoption Agency

Paris Vega is an outstanding graphic designer as well as a fantastic web designer. His ideas are creative, engaging, and eye-catching. He has never disappointed! He is a pleasant person to work with. I recommend him without reservation.

Deric Whatley, Founder of 5 Minute Music & Wildfire Music School

I was enrolled in several upper-level Graphic Design courses with Paris at the University of Alabama. As such, I can attest to his incredible creative talent. Paris was always one of the top students in each class I shared with him, based on his ingenuity, skill level, attention to detail, timeliness, aesthetics and wit. His knowledge of applicable software is staggering and his expertise with given tools is thoughtful and delicate, yet incredibly effective. Paris is a true pleasure to work with and around.

Brittany Armistead, Creative Director at Columbia Southern University

Phenomenal. That’s the word that comes to mind for all of Paris’ work. I am always blown away, left without words, on every single project he delivers. He never ceases to amaze me, and everyone else he works with for that matter. His eye for design and award-winning creativity is unmatched; he truly has impressive talents.

Kyle Jernigan, Talent Intelligence Strategy Director at Randall Reilly

Paris is a very dedicated hard working student of life and his career. He’s very trustworthy and responsible with whatever he puts his hands to. I would recommend him for any job to any person or company.

Chase Bowers, Founder/CEO at Dropified (Inc. #55 Fastest Growing Company 2019)

Paris is a fantastic artist, his tenacious creativity and drive make him an indispensable asset. His knowledge of design patterns and his powerful work ethic are unmatched. Paris learns like a machine, assimilating information into a usable skill set daily. His attention to detail produces solid applications and site design.

Gary Hussey, Chief Technology Officer at BuyLow Warehouse

Paris has an intuitive sense of design that is consitently polished, well thought out and highly creative. Paris only taught here for one quarter – and there are still students who talk about how much they learned from him!

Lisa Marie Michitti, Experienced Fine Artist, Graphic Designer and College Level Educator

Paris shows an excellent understanding of his craft and created a rapport with his students that was second to none. He is a source of inspiration and motivation, and is very easy to get along with.

Alan Marchman, Senior Digital Design Specialist at Protective Life