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  1. Hi Paris,

    My name is Ogi and I’m the owner of FirstSiteGuide where I’m creating tutorials to help people get online in 30 minutes.

    I would love to ask you for permission to translate your Button It Up plugin found at https://parisvega.com/if-ya-wanna-click-it-ya-better-put-a-button-it/ and help our readers of different communities to use it in their own language?
    I can translate it to my native Serbian language.

    Please let me know if its alright by you.

    Best Regards,
    Ogi Djuraskovic


  2. Paris, hope this finds you well. This is Jon Schmidt, manager of Canopy Red. You’ve been maintaining the band’s web site for us for a couple of years (www.canopyred.com). Couple of questions for you:
    1. Are you still doing this kind of work or did you pass it to someone else?
    2. What would it cost to change the band’s front page to sell their CDs at a reduced price and telling folks the money will go to feed and educate kids in Kenya (www.operationgivehope.org)?

    My contact info has changed so it would need to be changed on the web site, jonaschmidt2015@gmail.com.

    Thanks, God bless.


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