What is art?

Art is whatever the artist or the viewer says is art.

That’s the best answer I’ve been able to find. This is a question I asked my art professors when I was studying at the University of Alabama for my Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art with a focus on Digital Media. No one had a very clear answer. But the essence seemed to be about the artist’s intention.

When I told my sculpture professor that I wanted to build a sculpture out of solar panels that actually generated power, he suggested that art has to be done for art’s sake alone. There can be no other goal with a piece except for the art of it.

Although I never pursued my solar panel sculpture, I disagree with that narrow definition of art. Now that I’m older and have a better understanding of the world, I realize that my solar panel sculpture would have been a completely legitimate form of art. The medium does not qualify or disqualify a piece of art. The art of a piece could include the panels, the energy generated, and a million other forms of art mediums that are unlimited.

So, make your art, whatever it is.

Art by Paris Vega

My art is the Photography, Illustration, Sculpture, Animation, Design, Code, or Writing that were created to satisfy my visual curiosity without concern for budgets or deadlines.

Here are a few examples of my artwork. Some pieces may be available for sale. Contact Me if you’re interested in buying something.

2003: Between Sleep (colored pencil)

2005: Phoenix / Beauty in Chaos / Survivor

Black and white photograph manually processed in a dark room.

2006: Super Date (stop motion-ish animation/video project)

An animation project from college. I made this video from hundreds of photos I took and then sticthed together in iMovie.

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