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21: How did Ron Karr help his clients grow incremental revenues by $1 billion with The Velocity Mindset?

Ron Karr, author of the Velocity Mindset, helped his clients increase incremental revenues by over 1 billion dollars. We go deep into what the Velocity Mindset is and how it affects the sales process.

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From prospecting and cold calling to closing the sale, Ron has a unique effective approach for asking the right questions. I learned a lot from Ron. I know that you will too.


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Show Transcript

Paris Vega (00:01.3)
welcome to the first customers podcast today we have rain car he’s the creator of the velocity mind set and he’s helped his clients increase their incremental revenues by over one billion dollars over the course of his thirty year career ran welcome to the show it’s an honor to have you here

Ron Karr (00:19.463)
thank you parris as a pleasure for me to be here too

Paris Vega (00:23.98)
let’s start off by talking about how you got your very first customers

Ron Karr (00:29.603)
my very first customer was maryland blue cross and blue shield nineteen eighty eight after i just started this brand new business as a sales trainer and i got it within two weeks and all i did was coco i didn’t even know what i shouldn’t be doing but i just did it you know in spite of myself and and but my business didn’t stay the same in the next thirty three years at mort you know at mort

Paris Vega (00:35.2)
oh wow

Paris Vega (00:45.56)

Paris Vega (00:58.86)

Ron Karr (00:59.563)
i’m being a sales trainer than the things i liked about it but things i didn’t like about it you know and then it moved into being a keynote speaker and being more of an adviser and the reason why it more often is because sales training has a has a connotation with somebody is being valued at much lower than a key not expert coming in the key note or an advisor of ceos and obviously i had a plan that i wanted to make ex amount of money but also make an ex amount

Paris Vega (01:28.36)

Ron Karr (01:29.603)
impact on people’s lives so that’s why i gravitated more towards the key noting and the advisor to corporations and entreprenorse

Paris Vega (01:39.66)
okay so you’ve advised a lot of companies and helped them get customers go through some of your advice that may be some of the most common problems that companies have getting those very first customers

Ron Karr (01:50.183)
sure well again number one is you know i used the velocity mind sex that all culminate in velocity mind set and let’s just ask you a question paris you know when you hear the word velocity what’s the first word that comes to your mind

Paris Vega (02:04.98)

Ron Karr (02:05.923)
right and that’s what people think this is all about and it’s not because the true definition of philosoty he physics definition is speed with direction and so when i use the word direction i’m talking about the end in sight you start with first the example that i give is let’s suppose you go to wasn’t near is big am point by you a vancouver birmingham okay so you go to birmingham and let’s suppose you want to go to miami

Paris Vega (02:09.52)

Paris Vega (02:28.82)
birmingham birmingham airport

Paris Vega (02:35.6)

Ron Karr (02:35.663)
you asked the pilot you know so going to maam and he says no we go wherever the winds take us when you stay on that plane

Paris Vega (02:43.38)
no sir

Ron Karr (02:44.603)
of course you wouldn’t because pilots start with the end in sight first they first okay i’m going to miami they don’t start with birmingham where they are they go mamie and they work their way back to find one of the two or three weight points meaning if we go over them we know we’re on our way they factor in all the potential obstacles and objections storms winds and everything and they create the best path for it to get in the safest and fastest

Ron Karr (03:14.403)
amount of time and that’s what we have to do because when we don’t start at the end in sight we waste a lot of time because we’re doing actions that are not germane to our purpose and this goes for everything whether you’re doing a business plan for a business whether you’re about to make a sales qual with somebody if you don’t have that goal in sight like for example you know sells exactly call me up because i got this big meeting i said great what’s your goal i want to close a deal wait a second

Paris Vega (03:22.14)

Ron Karr (03:45.103)
what appointment is this in your sales cycle that was my first call that explains it so you have one call sale cycle right no no no no no no it takes about five ten so you’re going in on the first call with the goal to close it and that’s your goal you know what’s going to happen to them paris they’re going to poke in that call puke stands for people who utter knowledge about everything they’re in to talk and not listen

Paris Vega (03:52.12)

Ron Karr (04:14.443)
because after one thing which is making that person say yes and they’re not doing what they should be doing the first call a goal in the first call should be to qualify whether not this opportunity is good for both of you and if so identify the next step for it

Ron Karr (04:31.863)
so if we don’t start with the end in sight we tend to get busy with to do tasks because then to do list but how many times were we so busy that day that we get frustrated because we had no time for ourselves but yet we didn’t do anything to move ourselves toward our goal so number one start with the end in sight first because it’s the direction that’s key to your velocity and then number two

Paris Vega (04:32.98)
that’s good

Ron Karr (05:02.063)
make sure that you only do the actions that support that

Paris Vega (05:09.08)
yeah that’s really good i think a lot of times maybe a whole sales procesn’t fleshed out or like you’re saying maybe they’ve they’ve got an idea of the sales process but they don’t have a goal per step and don’t stay focused on each goal at each step and tried to push too much

Ron Karr (05:22.483)

Ron Karr (05:26.423)

Paris Vega (05:29.98)
okay so what happens after that and in kind of the after that initial call that initial having the purpose for qualifying the lead how do you advise like moving to that next step

Ron Karr (05:41.363)
well before we can go after the initial cole we have to go to the next thing is how to have the initial go call all we talked about is your goal

Paris Vega (05:48.68)
okay yeah

Ron Karr (05:54.123)
but we haven’t to figure out the goal of the customer

Paris Vega (05:58.26)

Ron Karr (05:58.343)
so what we have to do if we look at nero science and and look at the hormones and we discussed this in the piloscity mind set book

Ron Karr (06:09.543)
the first thing you have to understand is the homes that are necessary to create engagement in someone’s mind

Paris Vega (06:16.66)

Ron Karr (06:17.623)
so let’s take the home on quartesol quartosols to fight fly home on we all have it you cannot get rid of it that’s not the issue but the issue is is at a level that allows you to be engaged for example if you take a continue me zero to ten zero to ten i’m trying to keep it in the screen here and and ten you know is the top metric and zero ze

Ron Karr (06:47.723)
matting no cordisall to a lot of cortes ten where should you be well zero to two is very little engagement because the person is not really interested in what you’re talking about

Ron Karr (07:03.223)
four to five is we really want them four or five is where they’re really engaged winters ago if it goes about five to six seven they start getting anse like all of a sudden this is not meeting their needs or they have what you’re talking about and they think you’re really wasting their time it goes up to seven eight nine ten they’re not even listening the flag they may still be there physically but they’re flinging their line so you have to

Ron Karr (07:33.123)
stand that the first thing you have to do on any call phone call email in person visit you have to create a safe environment for them to want to talk to you or spend time with you

Ron Karr (07:44.783)
so you know that right at the beginning the quarter probably in the six to seven range because they know you’re coming in and trying to sell them something they want to protect themselves against being sold at brooklyn bridge and all that stuff right well if all you do is start poking on them about all the things you do like he say you do like hey look you have a meeting coming up because i do key notes lot of sales conferences let me show you what i could be doing for your meeting and all of a sudden

Paris Vega (07:55.04)

Paris Vega (07:59.02)

Paris Vega (08:14.62)

Ron Karr (08:14.623)
if you had that wall up that you’re trying to prevent me from selling you something are you listening to that statement that i just said yes or no paris no

Paris Vega (08:25.82)
no not if you came in at the wall you hear a bunch of sales stuff you get overwhelmed and yeah

Ron Karr (08:30.023)
yeah and what happens to you quartisoll

Paris Vega (08:32.66)
probably goes up

Ron Karr (08:33.723)
cas so i’m even doing things that i shouldn’t be doing because i’m not hurting i’m hurting my cards right

Ron Karr (08:44.123)
so how do you create an environment start by asking questions about what they need to accomplish

Ron Karr (08:53.483)
what they’re trying to do so paris we started the phone call differently or to visit whatever we’re doing say hey paris ones your vprceles and you probably have some sales conferences that you bring your team together out of fair statement

Paris Vega (09:08.78)

Ron Karr (09:09.703)
yeah when you’re planning your next sales conference that you’re probably thinking about what is the one thing you want to happen after that conference

Ron Karr (09:22.043)
with your team we do you want them doing differently

Paris Vega (09:22.26)
i say it

Paris Vega (09:26.92)
like a sales training conference where they’re getting trained

Ron Karr (09:29.983)
whatever your comes and next come

Paris Vega (09:31.34)
okay uh the idea is is more leads more sales

Ron Karr (09:35.763)
okay now i’m going to ask you that question again i want you to do the same thing but i want the audience this time to really look at you as you’re answering ready and don’t be self conscious even though you got two and a thousand people watching this just remember yeah just your okay paris you’re probably planning the next salesman as that a fair statement

Paris Vega (09:39.82)

Paris Vega (09:42.5)

Paris Vega (09:50.3)
all right yeah

Paris Vega (09:54.82)
we hope so but yeah

Paris Vega (09:58.68)

Paris Vega (10:04.52)

Ron Karr (10:06.003)
um if you consider that sales meaning to be successful what do you need to see happen once it’s over

Paris Vega (10:15.8)
we’d like okay

Ron Karr (10:16.303)
stop he just did the same thing you did the first time and i’m going to point it out but were you’re looking at yourself on your zoom picture when you did it

Paris Vega (10:21.42)
okay okay

Paris Vega (10:28.16)
i actually had myself covered up so i didn’t see myself i was looking off to the other side

Ron Karr (10:31.223)
well actually i’m going to ask you the same question again and be yourself but uncover yourself so you can see it

Paris Vega (10:36.16)
okay all right

Ron Karr (10:38.383)
so you’re planning next sales confrencey just said so what is the one thing that has to hhappen for it to be a success when it’s over

Paris Vega (10:42.16)

Ron Karr (10:48.983)
did you see what you just said no while you did that your eyes rolled up

Paris Vega (10:49.36)
i took a breath paused but looked off okay okay

Ron Karr (10:58.903)
right then and there there was a change in the chemistry in your brain

Paris Vega (11:03.86)

Ron Karr (11:06.063)
when i asked you that question the first time i did it i was trying to tell you i was the best key note speaker telling all the reason i should and you said you quartusall went up this time i started by asking you what do you would deem success to be and what would it look like to you did you feel a change in your in your mental being when i changed to that question

Paris Vega (11:23.86)

Paris Vega (11:30.7)
sure i think there’s a subtle difference there yeah where it’s a different type of question so it’s it’s like a different framework or framing of the situation

Ron Karr (11:40.883)
okay let’s do it again first way so i know you vpssales and i want to tell you about a key note that i do it’s called a velocity mind set i’ve done it on six continents helped a lot of companies go over a billion dollars and i just know that this would be great for your company right stop

Paris Vega (11:43.92)

Paris Vega (11:59.2)

Ron Karr (12:00.143)
your chorus going up a little bit because i’m going to talk in in every thing and you’re afraid to

Paris Vega (12:05.82)
i don’t know i mean well you’re saying some big some big numbers and qualifications right right so it’s like okay well okay

Ron Karr (12:09.323)
yeah the going in all is right right but now we’re gonna do it again but now we’re gonna do it again hey paris i understand you’re planning a big meeting and this is a very important thing because you’re having a big investment in for it to be successful at the end what would it look like to your success

Paris Vega (12:31.82)
we’d want to to make more money from it we want to land some more sales close more deals hm

Ron Karr (12:37.003)
okay stop is there a difference in your being right now than the first time i did it a second ago

Paris Vega (12:43.58)
sure it feels like the first time you were kind of blasting forward and we were about to hear a big pitch and then this second one was more of a conversational question

Ron Karr (12:54.343)
right but when i asked you what would success look like to you there was a change in the chemistry can you describe it for us

Paris Vega (13:03.76)
i guess it makes me think more internally about my own goals instead of thinking about you and what you’ve done and okay

Ron Karr (13:08.083)

Ron Karr (13:11.483)
good what else keep going that’s good keep going

Paris Vega (13:15.24)
so i guess the first hen it did make you sound more credible in things because you’re you’re you know you’re listening off your credentials and everything but it is it’s like i felt i was getting pushed back almost and i was more in the listening mode where when you changed it to more of that conversational question it was it was more an engaged engagement mode where i felt like we were having a conversation

Ron Karr (13:36.163)
but it was about you and where you wanted to go by me putting all that big stuff that and it’s all true we increase increment rams over billion dollars and six contents and all that most people can’t relate to that

Paris Vega (13:40.08)

Paris Vega (13:52.88)
so you’re building a connection on some more common ground

Ron Karr (13:54.803)
yeah you but that’s a great word so there’s two points in the body you got to worry about when you’re trying to influence and this is everybody kids parents whatever heart and mind most people go to the mind that start giving all the features and everything else is what they can do just what i did in the first time

Paris Vega (14:06.96)

Paris Vega (14:14.1)

Ron Karr (14:15.103)
heart is really good real connection the heart is where you get emotional connection to want to now hear what i have to say when i go to that part

Ron Karr (14:28.243)
and how do you get the summons home by helping them get to where they’re striving to be

Ron Karr (14:36.083)
and asking them what would it look like now when i ask that question what would success look like because we’re going to get to the other two woemonths now oxytoson and dip with me oxytoson is the whole mode of trust you have to have trust to be able to sell somebody right is anybody going to buy you if they don’t buy something for me even don’t trust you there may be one or two nuts who would do that but most of them wouldn’t

Paris Vega (14:36.58)
i see now

Paris Vega (14:56.74)

Paris Vega (15:04.undefined)

Ron Karr (15:06.223)
right so when i started talking to you about all the things i did and i could do for you versus when i started asking you where you are trying to go and what was important to you which one of those led to more of a trust in your cot

Paris Vega (15:06.3)

Paris Vega (15:27.76)
definitely the second one where you’re asking about my goals

Ron Karr (15:29.443)
why why

Paris Vega (15:34.82)
i guess when you show interest in someone it makes you feel more scene or more like brought into the conversation

Paris Vega (15:44.54)
yeah it does feel like you’re building more of a connection by asking those types of questions instead of just performing

Ron Karr (15:48.783)
right and you need to yeah exactly and trust is an interesting thing my good friend david hosack has the trust institute a lot of books in trust so if your audience wants to um you know read about trust that should be dave horssackis worth

Paris Vega (16:01.42)

Paris Vega (16:06.48)
yeah we’ll include links to all the things we reference in the show links at the end of the show

Ron Karr (16:11.403)
right but trust is earned

Ron Karr (16:18.663)
i didn’t earn any trust by telling you all of the things i did i started earning it by asking about where you want to go because now you’re saying he’s interested in me he wants to find out where i am

Ron Karr (16:35.263)
trust is never a one time thing it’s something that we have to continuously build upon in the relationship but once it’s lost whatever reason like we miss the delivery whatever that’s why it’s hard to get it back so so when i’ve built an enough trust yet to have the person say yes to the deal we just started the journey of trust by asking it where they wanted to go it’s an important distinction

Ron Karr (17:05.063)
dobaminis to feel good hormaldomin rides with oxitosan ou can’t feel good if you don’t have trust

Ron Karr (17:15.183)
did you feel better about things the way the second conversation was about to go versus the first

Paris Vega (17:22.579)
yeah i think another word to put in there is you feel more understood when you when you get to ask those types of questions right

Ron Karr (17:27.423)
yeah right so you felt better

Ron Karr (17:32.463)
so those are the three homans qortesall man and it’s very simple formula find out what people are going and then tell them how you can help them if you do this right if you do this right you will then only pick one two or three items in your features that speak directly to what the person wants

Ron Karr (18:01.183)
and you’re just going a talk about those two things so you want to lead paris right let me share with you how you how your sales people are going to have better leads when they learn this process of how to emotionally engage their prospects they’ll uncover more leads to more business opportunities and they will happen immediately all i have to talk about is that may be something else that you want more deals and i’m not gonna talk about anything else

Paris Vega (18:04.38)

Paris Vega (18:32.92)
so not trying to sell everything just like catering the pitch to what yeah right

Ron Karr (18:32.943)
but you see no because everybody buys it for what they want not what they can do right if i go in and start talking about ten features and poking people other knowledge about everything if i just poke at you about everything i can do for you hoping that something hits the wall and the first three or four i don’t even get close to it are you listening to the next sex

Paris Vega (18:41.24)

Paris Vega (18:59.92)
right i’ve definitely done that puke in many a sales meeting so so yeah i’ve definitely seen that it’s like the more insecure you are in the meeting or the more you don’t listen the more you try to fill it up with all the bells and whistles that you offer

Ron Karr (19:12.663)
yeah because we think that if we’re talking they’re listening and that’s absolutely the opposite god gave us two ears and one mouth for one reason listen more and to a

Paris Vega (19:25.3)
yeah that seems like a like anti intuitive for i think most sales roles or what you’d expect like the stereo typical sales person interesting

Ron Karr (19:30.083)

Ron Karr (19:32.723)

Paris Vega (19:38.56)
now this is really good

Paris Vega (19:41.96)
so the velocity mind set you’ve got a book written about flashing all this out all the processes

Ron Karr (19:48.243)
the two books that address that point lead sell get out the way talks about computing and it gives you the actual questions the velocity mind set leads talk it out of the way is like a training program that’s great to the vlocity mind set takes it to a higher level by talking about the things that strip us of our velocity and the whole modes we just discussed but it gets until a couple of other things just talks about starting with the end in sight for us

Paris Vega (19:50.24)

Paris Vega (19:53.92)

Paris Vega (20:02.22)

Paris Vega (20:13.48)

Ron Karr (20:17.543)
but there’s one more point within discuss that’s in that vlospyinser that’s really important and is the personal obstacles we’ve put in front of us our stories

Paris Vega (20:19.7)

Ron Karr (20:30.243)
let me explain what i mean

Paris Vega (20:31.24)

Ron Karr (20:33.463)

Ron Karr (20:36.843)
the world today is really a tough world deliver

Paris Vega (20:41.06)

Ron Karr (20:41.283)
i can say the same phrase to three different people

Ron Karr (20:46.443)
and they’re thinking three different things

Ron Karr (20:50.343)
based on their biases and experiences in life

Paris Vega (20:50.4)

Ron Karr (20:56.943)
in other words each of them is creating a story as to what they think i meant by that statement

Paris Vega (21:05.82)
yeah because even as you said it i was kind of mapping it to whatever issues i’ve heard about recently or something like that eh

Ron Karr (21:10.943)
yeah and it’s your story when i could be talking about something else that has nothing to do with that

Paris Vega (21:16.54)

Ron Karr (21:17.863)
so an example i like to give is you know when manhattan was still pretty went down in the eighties before it was built nicely like it is today um harlem started all intense purposes at hunted street but it got pushed up because nice building so people were looking at the old buildings and saying what can they evenovate and the story i give is let’s suppose this twenty people in twenty cars driving down this one street on ten street n

Ron Karr (21:47.783)
see this big beautiful not beautiful but run down building that’s deserted and they’re saying well that’s going to be a good area maybe maybe i should invent some by invest and buy for a done right and get a return on my investment nineteen people gonna try buy and say it’s too much of a big thing i have no idea how to do it and they give up that one person who stops has the same issue

Paris Vega (22:03.04)

Ron Karr (22:19.783)
it’s a big situation they don’t know how to do it but they’re changing the story they’re thinking about in the end inside i can see this really working out in the benevated neighborhood how do i do it i don’t know so maybe i need an architect so i go to earchitt and they take the ideas out of my head and then they put it down and they create a picture now we can feel it we can touch it then i said well how do we build that we get a contract and and give us the information make the best decision before you know

Paris Vega (22:29.86)

Ron Karr (22:50.183)
go the nineteen people before had a story in them hit mind i can’t do it because it’s too big that i don’t know where to start

Paris Vega (23:00.14)

Ron Karr (23:01.823)
the others person had a different story this is an interesting neighborhood i don’t know how to do it but i’m going to get the best advisors and together we’re going to figure it out if it makes sense or not

Paris Vega (23:15.38)
interesting so it’s like the difference between a almost a defeated mind set where a growth mind set or looking for instead of focusing on the problem looking for solutions

Ron Karr (23:21.163)
right whatever it is i’m not say yeah i’m not delineating that those are the two different ways we can go but i’m just saying we had different ways right now our past impacts the stories we make up

Paris Vega (23:28.3)

Paris Vega (23:32.02)
right sure

Ron Karr (23:42.363)
i was

Ron Karr (23:44.863)
i had a tough childhood with my dad it was not easy and it led to a lot of lack of confidence when i was young and i always dealt with the story i’m not good enough i won’t be able to do it and it took a long time for me to start reversing it when i did that’s when my business in my career really started taking off

Paris Vega (23:48.06)

Ron Karr (24:10.543)
but how many times to make it even simpler does remember of your audience say oh this is a tough deal to get they’re gonna say no i can’t see them saying yes and then you go in and do a call you put yourself in that story you’re gonna puke and talk about because you think they’re not even interested

Paris Vega (24:28.84)

Ron Karr (24:29.863)
but if you change it and said well i never did this with this type of industry but i sure would love to learn about it and and see if there’s some energy there then you’re gonna do a different set of actions based on that story

Paris Vega (24:43.36)

Ron Karr (24:44.743)
the point is that we all create stories based on what people say based on what they do to us and even based on what they don’t say and do because that creates a story how come they don’t call me back he hates me he’s not interesting you know what i mean

Paris Vega (24:59.32)
yeah yeah

Ron Karr (25:02.563)
so we always have to mind into our stories

Ron Karr (25:07.063)
because we’re not upbraiding under the right stories it can hold us back and that’s a big quiet of gaining velocity in your life

Paris Vega (25:12.5)
yeah that’s good

Paris Vega (25:17.88)
yeah that’s awesome that’s definitely something that i’ve seen over the course of my own personal career going from like grew up poor you know and didn’t really have business examples or like much success examples when i was younger and over the years like i had to go through several kind of evolutions in my mind set after being around people who were successful and seeing how they conducted their lives and thought about situations and when after problems i was like oh there’s like people who

Paris Vega (25:47.74)
there actually worthy of better circumstances or worth investing in and worth investing in yourself through better books or training or whatever and that was just a new concept completely to me

Ron Karr (25:53.363)

Ron Karr (26:01.983)
but actually there are a lot of your heroes today to fight that same problem we have in the book how the biggest the lime many of us have is the fraud concept they think they’re fraud wail people find out

Paris Vega (26:17.38)

Ron Karr (26:22.343)

Ron Karr (26:25.783)
tom hanks has that every time he finishes a movie he thinks that oh my this is gonna uncover me as being the biggest fraud in history seriously we documented in the book

Paris Vega (26:39.28)

Ron Karr (26:41.083)
right a lot of people who are over achievers feel like and they have to deal with that because of what your parents told you a lot of it happens when we’re kid imagine you want to go out for bandage in high school two kids they both think

Paris Vega (26:41.5)

Paris Vega (27:00.06)

Ron Karr (27:00.423)
teacher goes up to kid number one you have absolutely no musical talent whatsoever i think you should find something else that you have more passionate about kid number two same statement you absolutely have no musical talent i think you should find something else you more passionate about

Ron Karr (27:19.223)
kid number one says oh my god i’ll never be a musician e’s no hope for me and so therefore they never ever take up music they stay away for they go to concepts because they’re just upset and they know that they not good at it kid number two says screw this that’s what she thinks i’m gonna become the best musician in the world and they go on to become the number one jealous of whatever because that chip on it

Paris Vega (27:27.7)

Paris Vega (27:47.84)

Ron Karr (27:48.403)
hell is what’s driving them

Ron Karr (27:51.603)
two people in the same thing but be creating different stories based on how they were brought up based on who influences in them in their lives right now that’s why you always hear people saying if you you know i used to when i first thought on my business in a eight i moved into an executive suite across the street from where i live and now because i needed some interaction with some people and i walked to this other guy he represented a computer company really nice guy but man he was

Paris Vega (27:52.02)

Ron Karr (28:21.563)
negative every morning want to start my day after i sit down and have a little chat with him hey ain’t doing good so so what do you mean so so this customer doesn’t do it is that i fired him through weeks later for my morning coffee because he was depressing mate his story wasn’t good for me i needed to put myself and associate myself with people that were looking what they were going to do

Ron Karr (28:51.583)
what they couldn’t do because i could easily follow down that rap of home myself

Paris Vega (28:53.74)

Paris Vega (28:56.8)
i was just about to ask you how can we more intentionally create better stories for ourselves so obviously one of the things is who you’re associating with and what kind of stories there speaking out loud that affects you

Ron Karr (29:05.503)

Ron Karr (29:08.423)
right and also changing the way you think about yourself look we all get doubts

Paris Vega (29:15.08)

Ron Karr (29:16.463)
so what i tell my clients and i coach a lot of cos by the way what i said to my client says well when i said i can’t do it is really like if a ball play is in a funk right you know a home run here to let’s say and now that they hit a home in two months what they think these are professional appens i think that they lost it they think that they can’t do it you know what i say to them go

Paris Vega (29:33.06)

Ron Karr (29:46.383)
back to the best time run you ever hit in your life

Ron Karr (29:52.163)
you had that moment in your mind yes i want you to visualize it now

Ron Karr (30:01.103)
before you even went up to the play visualize what you were thinking about before you went up to play

Ron Karr (30:08.963)
now visualize yourself going up to the place and being in the same mindset the same feeling as that home run

Ron Karr (30:20.263)
tell me what’s coming up for you as low as their ants just by doing that number one but more important ly when you make some one go through that they realize an there’s no reason why i can’t do it i’ve done it before that’s my point to them you have done it before physically you can do it that then it stopping you it’s here not physical unless you’re unless you’re getting really old forty five and your skills are detariating way you just a

Paris Vega (30:26.94)

Paris Vega (30:46.26)
yeah yeah

Ron Karr (30:50.283)
power but i’m talking about a right

Paris Vega (30:51.74)

Ron Karr (30:55.723)
how do you get out of it because the right it’s a story

Paris Vega (31:03.84)

Paris Vega (31:10.78)
okay so it’s almost like you’re doing a little bit of self programming

Ron Karr (31:17.583)
everything is a program in our brains are computers just like the computers we use to do zoom garbage in and garbage out you don’t like what’s coming out in your story you got to put different information and you know and will go back to the time you were successful is thinking about how this is not going to be successful

Paris Vega (31:25.96)

Paris Vega (31:39.4)
yeah so let’s so since this kind of the overall theme of this show is helping people figure out what others are doing to get those first customers and kind of those first moments let’s say somebody’s starting out and they don’t have past success as yet to go back to okay okay

Ron Karr (31:54.483)
they do they do

Ron Karr (31:58.263)
they have success they may it have successes in the exact business that they’re starting but they have successes of how they started something new in the past they have success is of how they took a risk in the past because anybody who starts a new business is a risk taker

Paris Vega (32:04.06)
m right

Paris Vega (32:09.7)

Paris Vega (32:17.4)
sure yeah

Ron Karr (32:18.283)
to some degree

Ron Karr (32:21.463)
so just go back to the times in your life that shows that you could will serve you well that says you could do this or if you’re starting out a new business and trying to figure it out go back to the last time you started something new and figure it out you have experience in that

Paris Vega (32:39.76)
so basically lean on any past winds you can internally kind of help you motivate yourself through any kind of ruts or down time

Ron Karr (32:46.943)
definitely lean on them but i wouldn’t say in the way you said because also the voices leading into any that means you that means you’re desperate i got to create one no you got them is what i’m saying you have them if you allow yourself to think along the right mind side

Paris Vega (32:51.36)

Paris Vega (32:57.16)

Paris Vega (33:01.2)

Paris Vega (33:08.04)
all right

Ron Karr (33:14.323)
you know a big part of decision making to decide if we go forward or not very successful people use two things they use the logic that they see but they also use their intuition and when i started learning for me president national speak association i know a lot of the top experts in the world when i first joined them to say no nineties and i was in the new york chapter there was a friend of mine she was also past president chat

Paris Vega (33:14.66)
this is interesting

Ron Karr (33:44.163)
like me nancy wazignopshe was an intuition expert and i love nancy but she was to have an intuition at that time when i started my business in a i was still too much of a young book intuition that’s b s give me something i can wrap my hand around but i got to tell you i became a convert over the last twenty years because i’ve studied it and when you think about intuition intuition is nothing in your subconscious it’s a combination of everything you know the world to

Paris Vega (34:00.88)

Ron Karr (34:14.863)
it’s a combination of the experiences it’s a combination of what we want to do and don’t want to do and sometimes when i have a tough decision to make do i call this guy again he has turned my call in five days do i do this i immediately say what’s my intuition because it’s down here

Ron Karr (34:33.023)
and i trust that you have to paul de mina says you have to listen trust and act on your intuition on you because this how you feel tells you so people that started new business they wouldn’t be doing it if they didn’t intuitively think that they could succeed they really haven’t started em ideas and when they tried something new and they succeeded you see what i’m saying so we all have that well let me ask you this question

Paris Vega (34:58.88)

Ron Karr (35:03.063)
you started a new podcast right at some point this one right when you had to make the decision to go and go that’s going to be expenses and time involved right what made you think without without history you haven’t done the podcast before what made you think you could succeed with it

Paris Vega (35:05.58)
sure yeah

Paris Vega (35:12.6)

Paris Vega (35:19.06)

Paris Vega (35:27.06)
i guess it would be

Paris Vega (35:29.86)
just believing that it was a worthy goal to go after that it was beneficial long term value to

Ron Karr (35:33.803)
okay but i wasn’t were going

Paris Vega (35:37.8)
um i think that the benefits of podcasting like making new connections with people um and it can have like a lot of indirect benefits of building out your network with every connection that you make and also any listeners kind of grows an audience

Ron Karr (35:55.943)
okay so have you had experience in building out in network and developing new relationships

Paris Vega (36:04.46)
sure yeah just in a different way yeah not in this way specifically

Ron Karr (36:05.363)
okay and when you did that did you yeah right but when you did that your business got better

Paris Vega (36:13.1)

Ron Karr (36:14.343)
when you are when you are decided to network to get more relationships were you’re engaging to get people who want to talk to you

Paris Vega (36:28.18)
yes you got to engage people and have conversations yeah

Ron Karr (36:29.623)
so the point there’s all these questions i was asked they will all plot of your decision to go ahead and take the risk

Paris Vega (36:36.64)

Ron Karr (36:37.663)
is that a first a man

Paris Vega (36:39.74)
yeah yeah yeah it’s what you’re saying

Ron Karr (36:42.223)
that’s what i’m talking about intuition it’s it’s everything about you that kind of tells you whether you want to you don’t want to and many times when we shy away from it it means there’s something in our intuition that pulling us back it could be our passion for it it that’s not as strong as we thought it was it could be other things

Paris Vega (36:48.06)

Paris Vega (37:08.undefined)
right so ye or subconscious is like the sum of our whole life experience and the way we interact with our subconscious is just through our feelings

Ron Karr (37:17.263)
the subconscious is really now the subconscious is more powerful than people think and it really dictates a kind of story so give an example and this is all documented if people experiencing any kind of pain in their body specifically back pain fipomiologer join pain before you go and do anything to fix it i want you to read the book healing back pain by dr john son door son

Paris Vega (37:23.06)

Paris Vega (37:29.2)

Paris Vega (37:46.06)

Ron Karr (37:47.063)
as a pain met dock in new york in the early eighties and he was confused he didn’t understand he always right you know the opiates or whatever you know pain killers or muscle relaxes but he couldn’t understand in his mind how does a dead nerve create pain it’s impossible

Paris Vega (38:10.76)

Ron Karr (38:11.943)
the nerves dad

Paris Vega (38:13.62)
so it’s not shouldn’t be sending any signals pain or otherwise right

Ron Karr (38:15.803)
exactly exactly so he was actually a precursor with some of the nur science findings because he started investigating to mind and fraud you know and what he realized is whenever we get to something and subconscious the mind starts ticking about it

Ron Karr (38:36.683)
and it’s something that we don’t want a bad memory or whatever um the mind tricks us and creates the version i eat pain

Ron Karr (38:50.723)
to get away from that god

Ron Karr (38:53.843)
now this is the most simplistic way i can describe it for people i asked them to really read the book healing back pain by dr john son because i give this to a lot of colleagues and everyone of them called me up thinking because they saw themselves whether they have back pain heart pain whatever pain they ad and i give you some good and all it’s all they say in that book is all you got to do is allow yourself to go there

Ron Karr (39:22.883)
and you will have a better idea of how to deal with it it’s how fear that robs us with me so in the nineteen eighties the biggest drug that was out there was for altars we never hear about alters anymore because the newer drugs in the early eighties you know basically took care of that problem what replaced that malady was back pain

Paris Vega (39:31.1)

Paris Vega (39:46.58)

Ron Karr (39:46.803)
and i had four back surgeries

Ron Karr (39:52.303)
all right i’m fused nine levels in my back which is a big deal i still played golf but it’s a big deal three years of hell in my life and so did i called up his successor who we left to practice too and i studied under him the t m i problem that son created and he warned me you know you’re ready down the row with surgeries so you’ve got some other issues this man not help you but

Paris Vega (39:58.76)

Ron Karr (40:22.203)
think it came up in some degree so i didn’t stop my next surgery but what it did do i met cos in that room and they swore they never had surgery because of this i wish i had that thirty years ago because i would have avoided surgery i know it in my heart because i know what i was going through the abuse at home and everything that i had to overcome created stories inside of me that created pain in other areas

Paris Vega (40:39.26)

Paris Vega (40:47.22)

Ron Karr (40:52.903)
and you know i was able to see it and now today even though i had the back surgeries i use that process anyway because we don’t live you know it’s with us till we do so whenever i’m about to go into something of my subconscious i allow myself to go there because i don’t how to deal with it and i want to address it so it doesn’t get in my way

Paris Vega (41:04.14)

Paris Vega (41:14.78)
so that book talks about going through that process and kind of how to kind of do that yourself okay cool yeah we’ll include a link to that as well

Ron Karr (41:18.183)
in a subconscious

Ron Karr (41:22.163)
but it also go we put in the velocity mindset how you got to start with what you want to be like for example i had a dentist called me up about four years ago before the presentment he had a practice in texas and then i met him we did it all for zoom and he owed me paid a significant feed to coach him his practice was running three million he wanted to get up to six million dollar one right i asked him so he told me what success would look like

Paris Vega (41:28.16)

Ron Karr (41:53.263)
that was in answer to my question and i said okay so what’s stopping you from getting there

Ron Karr (42:00.163)
he s well you know i’m in a middle class neighborhood those are my patients they don’t have a lot of mental insurance and then have a lot of discretion any funds and every time i’m pitching fifteen to twenty thousand tolla in plants because i know it’s going to help them because i look at their teeth and i wouldn’t look at them if i met them in a dance you know i can’t get in to part with the fifteen twenty grant i said well show me how you do that talk with them

Ron Karr (42:30.303)
and he did work most people to restore a puking

Ron Karr (42:35.203)
about how he was going to do and what he was going a do an when i taught him how to ask the patient before even gets into the diagnosis tell me why do you want a different smile at i want to be promoted you know and i just feel like it’s going to stop me from getting promoted because they have to do press into use them who want to press interview with this and i also want to get married am i going to find my significant other so what you’re telling me is that you’re looking for

Paris Vega (42:35.84)

Ron Karr (43:05.263)
a new smile to enhance your life improve your chance of getting promoted and improve your chances of being attracted to somebody else yes well let me show you how i can help you do that

Ron Karr (43:21.023)
then you talk about the one two or three things in your process that’s going to lead to the smile that’s going to lead to the promotion that’s gonna lead to that and that’s it but now they’re listening to a heightened awareness because now you talk out something that they want you got to emotionally connect it so when he understood that framework the velocity line set and when he started working with his people outside in the outside office because they’re also part of the sales process we had a six month agreement

Paris Vega (43:33.58)

Ron Karr (43:50.743)
paid me the whole thing up front two months into it he says we can stop i say why we’re ready on the run rate for six my knolls

Ron Karr (44:01.383)
that’s how fast it is i’m talking about instant results paris give you an example another example well known um investment company we all know it m called me up one day this is a long time ago about ten years ago and they said look we know our numbers they know that walking to the right number that part of the business review as knowing you know one of the things if you want to get

Paris Vega (44:03.28)

Paris Vega (44:07.28)

Ron Karr (44:31.343)
so you better know who your ideal market is because you can’t sell to everybody their ideal market was retiring is why because their officers around the country were one man officers one personal officers and so they couldn’t deal with people that were doing active trading

Ron Karr (44:48.963)
they only wanted to retire as who wanted to know a good investment strategy they agreed and you talked to them once a quarter show them the results and see how it going so they knew exactly who they wanted they knew it took five calves to get one of those cut clients on board they wanted to reduce it re reduced the three calls

Ron Karr (45:13.743)
how much money can you generate more and more deals but we do a sales cycle so the way it was i went out and they actually cat calls and some of like neighbors subupsof chicago and i went with him to see test how it went and the first guy was a great guy you know he was a two of the three a tenure were getting to this older couples house pictures of the kids grand

Paris Vega (45:18.98)

Paris Vega (45:22.06)

Ron Karr (45:43.503)
is chicago bears and the first thing he did was spent twelve minutes i counted it twelve minutes trying to create the social relationship tell me about all of those kids are so great who are they and then all the bears was a bad game this sunday wasn’t it and i was just looking at the couple of eyes and while they were friendly because of westerners and they allowed him to talk they were rolling their eyes who are these p

Paris Vega (46:13.76)

Ron Karr (46:15.383)
and as each minute clicked on the clock what anything was happening to that quarter so it was going up so when we got out of there and said i want to do something different because okay i wanted you to go into the next house and say you know you know i remember at so and so i’m not here to talk about stops and binds ody now you’ve got some not the conversation i need to have right

Paris Vega (46:21.84)
it’s going up

Ron Karr (46:43.503)
do have a question to ask you that would be okay but when it comes to your future what are the three things you need your money to provide for you

Ron Karr (46:57.203)
and i stumbled on to the eyes rolling up because we didn’t have the new science findings out with the dopamanand the card and all that but i saw their eyes roll up

Ron Karr (47:09.823)
and they went straight to the three things retirement college fun and whatever

Ron Karr (47:17.363)
so i got that information from them we were only there for two minutes

Ron Karr (47:24.803)
he got more information in those two minutes than they got in the first quality that took twelve minutes just a build of social relationship and everybody thinks that’s the biggest thing that you need to know you need to build relationships but the relationships that people want to build where the people they buy from are relationship centered on helping them get to where they want to be not building we all have enough friends already

Paris Vega (47:47.36)
exactly i think that’s such a good point yes i’ve been in so many calls where i’ve been being pitched especially and they start talking about random sport stuff and just all this totally unrelated because they’re trying to just so obviously build some kind of report and it to me it does the opposite because it’s like well this is just a atacticbcause it has nothing to do with while we’re talking yeah

Ron Karr (47:49.203)

Ron Karr (48:05.923)
right yeah and your cartes going up you’re listening to them abslutely so we got them down to three calls they documented it how much more profitable did it become how much more velocity did they gain in their lives so then i’m out there one of my visits and and the training partner says hey we’ve got a class and when you come back can you just do one hour of your stuff at the end of today said sure

Paris Vega (48:21.8)

Ron Karr (48:35.643)
so i did it one out give him the question we use and the whole process that night we all stayed at the same hotel and eleven o clock my fun who the heaps calling me clock and and the guy i answered and he goes i’m sorry to wake you up but i got t talk to go ahead it was one of the people in the class he was four year veteran he said i got tell you i tried what you said we should i said but tell me what happened he knows had two widows both of a thousand dollars turned about

Ron Karr (49:06.443)
i’m speaking to one for six months one for three months i can’t get them to move so what you do i said i quote both of em tonight the first one i said you know i’ve been remiss she goes okay well i realized what i’ve been doing was speaking about what i wanted to show you but i never asked you the most important question with you and ask you to as you go short when it comes to your future one of the three things you want your money to provide for you he did that with both widows

Ron Karr (49:36.243)
they both got into different conversations that ever had with him before and then then that night before he called me one of them committed their funds to him that night and the other one allowed him to come back in for a second appointment that’s how fast it can work

Paris Vega (49:57.34)
well so just changing the conversation changing the questions and he was going out you said six and eight months and then with one conversation based on using your strategies

Ron Karr (50:08.823)
we’re going correct strata the conversation just because you’re having conversations with prospects doesn’t mean you’re having the right conversation

Paris Vega (50:12.36)

Paris Vega (50:18.52)
for sure man

Paris Vega (50:22.52)
i’ll tell you what this podcast has been so amazing getting to talk to people like you and other guests on the show because i learned something every time and every time i feel like i have an idea of how it’s going to go and then it it’s totally different especially this one this has been crazy because we’re already coming up on an hour and it took a totally different turn i felt like you got up in my soul a little bit got me all self reflective and and i didn’t expect that coming into this

Ron Karr (50:50.163)
but when we got up into your soul trust was built we felt better and to me i felt like el only here twenty minutes into not right ready

Paris Vega (50:53.36)

Paris Vega (50:55.36)

Paris Vega (51:01.14)
yeah it’s crazy um

Ron Karr (51:02.343)
that’s the way we got to get our prospects and customers to feel because at the end of the day i don’t care what to sell people only buy one thing experiences

Paris Vega (51:06.86)

Paris Vega (51:14.6)
experiences um as we’re wrapping up can you go back to your very first sale that you said you did through cold calling and compare if you can remember what you did in that sales process and compare that to what you recommend now and maybe because you said you did some stuff wrong and and use that as an example of kind of the before and after sure sure

Ron Karr (51:36.763)
well i always do things wrong because i’m an emotional peace like everybody else so i fix we won’t make but then i analyzed and i know i did it but i think to answer that question when i had my first client um i got that client in spite of myself that’s the answer because i was doing more poking at that time i was talking about the kind of training i was going to do the guy turned ut be a nice guy became lifelong friends and i helped them but i don’t think that approach would work today

Paris Vega (51:56.96)

Paris Vega (52:09.08)

Paris Vega (52:11.7)
as you were talking about the different scenarios especially with that last one with the different widows and how the change the questions changed the outcome i’m going back to the most recent sales meetings that i’ve had even in the past week and looking at okay that would have helped clarify because you had one client where they were you know they wanted to get things started real fast to get a marketing campaign going and i see now if i would have thought about your specific way of approach

Paris Vega (52:41.48)
the conversation we gonna help them clarify what they were even wanting because you know there’s unlimited possibilities because we have a marketing agency and there’s just you know you can do anything you can o all kinds of things with marketing these days

Ron Karr (52:45.483)

Ron Karr (52:54.643)
the classification is one of the questions we list and lead celegate out the way because it goes it goes back to that story concept because i can say the world is round and i can say the few different people and they all think about the different things based on how they interpret it got to classify when we hear the same words over and over i want to move fast well describe classify what you mean by fast classify why it’s so important to move fast what’s risk if you don’t move fast enough

Paris Vega (52:59.16)

Paris Vega (53:20.9)

Ron Karr (53:25.503)
so but what i would advise your listeners if they really want to get this and really increase the sale significantly to the bilossoty mind set get what the whole thing about the mind set is it’s an easy read but get you the whole and then go read lead something out of the way because then it gives you the actual questions to ask

Paris Vega (53:42.66)
okay i’m gonna do it you’ve convinced me this has been awesome i feel like every show i’m getting a new book because the personal interview has a book and it’s i’m so convinced by the end of it and this this has been awesome i really appreciate your time and i’ll include links to all of rowan’s books in the in the links to the show so everybody can take advantage of those wrong again thank you so much for being here

Ron Karr (54:07.023)
thank you for what you’re doing paris the world needs you and other podcast is more than we know and to your audience just keep believing in yourself

Paris Vega (54:13.22)
thank you very much

Paris Vega (54:18.06)
awesome see next time everybody


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