I help companies grow.

Business is chaos. Everything happens all at once, but somebody has to figure out how to keep the business alive long enough to grow. To unlock the growth of your company you must reduce internal chaos, learn to ride the external chaos in your market, and ignore most of the chaotic noise of the infinite information world.

Three things i’ve noticed that are necessary for growth:

  1. Vision: What is worth spending your life on? A clear vision toward a worthy goal that creates win win win outcomes. The end result should be a win for you, a win for your team, and a win for the world. This is something everyone can get excited about, which helps with the next two.
  2. Focus: Where do you focus your Time, Energy, and Attention? The discipline and integrity to focus on your next most important task is critical. Your T.E.A is limited. Don’t spill it on anything unworthy of your life force. Make progress toward your most important goal every day!
  3. Energy: Your energy is determines the amount of progress you can make each day. Over the long run this determines how long you will take to reach your goals. You need a lot of energy to grind thorough whatever is necessary to see your vision come to life. Become the best version of yourself so do your best work. Your health must be on point. Sleep, fitness, food, relationships… all of it matters. Most of all, your mental health will determine how much you can grow. Plant good seeds in your brain garden. Read and consume information that helps you solve your next biggest problem. See how others have done it. You will be energized to take action without the need for discipline.

I build, invest in, and advise companies. To each business I’m involved with I bring years of experience in web design, web development, product management, digital marketing, sales, and leadership.

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