• Current Book: A Beautiful Constraint by Mark Barden, Adam Morgan
  • Current Music: Pink Floyd’s instrumental stuff.
  • Current Sport: 5k Racing. Training for 1st race in a decade with weight lifting and running.
  • Current Food: Increasing veggies and protein, reducing sugar and bread/pasta. Experimenting with supplements recommended by Dr. Rhonda Patrick.
  • Current Hobby: Fixing all the broken things around me (mostly cars, computers, and phones). Turning annoying problems into opportunities for flow states.
  • Family: Wife, two kids, Officer Hops (rabbit), and Maximus (chiweenie dog). We still want an English Bulldog some day.
  • Work: Freelance Marketing/Product Manager. Fully booked for now. Only contact me if you’ve got a massive opportunity that will change my life forever: paris @