Digital Marketing

In 2020, I joined The Nine to build the digital marketing department. When their web design & development clients started asking for help with digital marketing services like SEO, Search Engine Marketing, and Social Media Marketing, Robby White, a friend and owner of The Nine, reached out to me about joining the team.

Every business we’ve talked to wants to invest in trackable growth, which is what digital marketing can deliver much better than traditional marketing.

Digital marketing is exploding around the world. Even in the small southern college town I live in, Tuscaloosa, AL, local businesses are looking for ways to leverage the internet to grow.

Over the past decades I’ve transitioned from being a graphic designer for print ads in the traditional marketing world into being a web designer, SEO, and marketing consultant in the digital marketing world.

As the internet connects the world, we don’t have to burn money on spray and pray marketing campaigns. Now you can track each dollar and measure the results.

If you’d like me to help you grow your business, send me an email: