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  • How do you start a business and make your first sale?

    I started an entire podcast about this exact question. It’s called the First Customers podcast. I ask entrepreneurs, sales experts, and marketers how they got their very first customers. Every episode teaches me something new. Every business is a little different. But common patterns arise. Using what I’ve learned from the show, here’s how a […]

  • Boost Your Sales with These 6 Proven SEO Strategies

    I started my first job in the SEO industry in 2002 as a part-time assistant at an internet marketing company located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama called Evision Marketing that focused on trucker driver recruiting for trucking companies in the USA. Old School Link Building My first job at Evision was to search the internet for any […]

  • Growth in chaos.

    Nothing is guaranteed in business. Starting a company is hard. Running a company successfully is even harder. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the survival rate of new businesses are: Most companies fail before being in business for 10 years. Why is it so hard to stay in business? Simple. Each business owner […]

  • Knowledge as Power.

    What’s the point of school? Or a better question: What’s a good use of those young years in a human life?  A productive use of that time is learning the knowledge and skills that will compound your power to survive and thrive in the midst of an ever-changing chaotic world. Is there a better method […]

  • The Abundance Diet vs Harmless Eating

    While studying permaculture and tending my own garden years ago, I started to notice that the Earth is capable of producing a surprisingly abundant amount of food on even the smallest patch of land. It struck me as a complete contrast to the poverty and struggle that exists in the world. I got the feeling […]

  • Asteroid Mining Self Replicating Robots

    What if we made an asteroid mining ship/robot that “hauls” the mined materials by using them to build onto itself, or replicating?

  • Permaculture.

    All humans need these three things: Clean air, clean water, and clean food. Everybody wants them. Everybody needs them. Sadly, the concept of a clean “environment” has become politicized and saturated with unnecessary baggage. After a few years of learning and experimenting on my own land, this is the beginning of documenting my exploration into […]

  • Explaining Pi

    One day my wife and I noticed our boy, 6 at the time, repeating something to himself while holding a dollar bill. Suddenly, he says, “I got it!” He then quoted back to us the serial number from the dollar bill without looking. That’s a random 10 digit number that muh boy decided to memorize without any instruction from us. […]

  • May your art never die.

    The Xbox cable brushes against the guitar strings. They mutter a cautious chirp from behind the TV. Frightened, the guitar blasts me with guilt and musical memories. Dazed I stagger back. Hesitant. A deep ache rises from a forgotten place. Sorcery! That old stringed box works strong magic against my soul, begging to be heard […]

  • Idea: Pay-as-you-leave shopping experience

    Idea Summary:– swipe card or facial recognition connected to your account as you enter store– put stuff in cart and leave store, items detected by RFID or similar tech– your account is charged with no cashier human interaction needed 🙁 (At the time when I wrote this, these kinds of stores didn’t exist. Amazon came […]