The Email Standards Project… Thank God!

If the US government needs a non-violent method of torture to replace water-boarding, I would like to suggest email design. The detainees would be required to design an email that uses HTML, CSS, and images and works in all the major email clients. I am convinced that all terrorist activity would cease immediately after only one day of enforcing this dreadful task.

Email design sucks. For years designers were forced to bend over backwards to try to please the quirks of email clients like Microsoft’s Outlook and Google’s Gmail. Only now do we have hope of industry standards for email design.

While bouncing around the internet I found this… The Email Standards Project. In their own words,

“The Email Standards Project works with email client developers and the design community to improve web standards support and accessibility in email.”

Finally! God bless these guys. Seriously. Their site is very useful if you’re designing for email. It features a quick reference on the state of email clients.

Check it out, tell your web design friends and end this repulsive form of torture, otherwise known as email client testing.

The Email Standards Project


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