Today is my grandmother’s birthday. A great woman you’ve never heard of who made a huge impact on my life. This is a little poem I wrote for her. Dedicated to Winnie Irene Woods, my grandma (1924 – 2012):

You were the first person i saw

You said my eyes were open wide

You told me i was furry like paw

You watched my first moments of life

How could i not love you

You yelled from across the street

You pulled me by the ear

You slapped my rebellious cheek

You instilled in me a Godly fear

How could i not love you

You played catch with me

You made blackberry cobbler

You moved earth and weeds

You are the perfect gardener

How could i not love you

You tickled the ivories

You sometimes sang along

You taught me about diaries

You inspired this song

How could i not love you

You laugh when we dance

You kiss me when we hug

You mend my torn pants

You are cooler than a mug

How could i not love you


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