Google goes solar funding $1 per watt solar panels

Googling Green
Recently Google posted an article on there blog about encouraging green energy. They also made it obvious that, as usual, they were ready to put their money where their mouth was.

Where is Google’s mouth?
Well, at moment Google’s billion dollar mouth is salivating all over a change-the-world sandwich. First bite: The way we produce electricity.

A few years back Google invested in a little startup called Nanosolar. Fast forward to today’s headline and we see that Nanosolar has come a long way. They figured out a way to “print” solar panels. That’s right, semi-conductor ink and all. This process turned out to be way cheaper than traditional ways of producing solar panels. That’s why they can charge such a coal-busting rate of $1 per watt.

We’re talking about finally accomplishing what the tree-huggers have been praying for the last several decades: Renewable Energy as a main source of electricity.

Revolution?!… where… I don’t…?
Well, for now the company is backed up for 18 months from their first shipping date. So it may be awhile before the general public gets their hands on these things. But you just wait. One day you’ll all be at Target/Walmart getting some eggs and you’ll pass by the rolls of Nanosolar sheets. I’ll be there fighting through the nerds to get my hands on the most abundant power source on earth: Sunlight.


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