Powering the People

There is a sovereign human drive inside us all that chants these basic desires:

Let us be free.

Let us speak.

Let us learn what we want.

Let us trade with whoever we want.

Let us live and work where we want.

Let us build communities with whoever we want.

Let us solve our own problems.

Let us love who we want.

Let us live in peace.

Let us defend ourselves.

Technology empowers the individual.

Nothing has ever empowered individuals more than the internet.

The internet gives you the power to learn anything and talk to anyone, anywhere.

The Internet of Money (bitcoin) allows you to trade with anyone.

I’m continually blown away by this moment in history.

It’s a war against middlemen at every level.

High priests, gate keepers, politicians, middle managers, and editors will all be removed. 

Religions gave internal freedom in the past.

Now we’re building the digital and physical tools to free ourselves in the future.


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