Lean Back


Every breath like rumbling rivers

Repel from conversation.

Its public solitude.

Banal life seems to waste hours…

I could use a few more.

An addict of time,

Stretching each day

Can i trust the night?

Will i live my dreams or

Keep dreaming of life?


A sum of experience.

How great will my number be?

If you are the book keeper,

How will you score me?

Repel from your circle

And spectate for a change.

Watch the power of words

Break a joyful spirit,

Or renew a smile forgotten.

Be sobered and enlightened.

Maybe they are wrong.

Maybe they minipulate.

What if they can’t be trusted?

Decide for yourself.

It’s your eternal right.

Does the stone enjoy its flight,

Seeing only a blur?

Why do you hurry, scurry?

Who’s waiting for you?

I’ll be the feather.

Riding waves of the air

Take in the landscape.

Release all care.

Drink in lush arrays of flowers fully bloomed.

Relax on the daisy.

Rest under the moon.

The stone is still talking.

Deaf to surrounding beauty;

Beauty of the feather that has

Fallen to its side.

I’ll be the feather, watching your crowd.

Content in the center

Of a book i once read.

I am consistantly at ease…

Even if the crowd is dead.


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