Locked Mess Monster

Better photoshop locked layer alert idea

Have you ever tried to move a folder or selection of layers in Photoshop, but were interrupted by this alert?

Photoshop locked layer alert
BLAM! Those layers aren’t moving anywhere.

Somewhere deep down in your selection is a locked layer. If you’re working in a huge file with tons of layers, finding the locked layer or layers could take awhile.

Wouldn’t this be more helpful than just an alert?

Photoshop unlock layer option
SKUDOOSH! Problem solved.

The Photoshop team could add a checkbox to the alert that would automatically unlock the locked layers, so that you can continue moving/nudging your selection.

This small usability improvement would save me a lot of time.

Does anyone know if another solution to this problem already exists in Photoshop? Let me know in the comments section below.


2 responses to “Locked Mess Monster”

  1. when I lock a layer, I also color it red in the layer properties so it stands out. you still have to go searching for it, but you'll spot it at a glance.

    1. Good idea! That would definitely help. Thanks for the tip.

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