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  • Everyone is Changing Everything

    “You’re not just anyone. One day, you’re gonna have to make a choice. You have to decide what kind of man you want to grow up to be. Whoever that man is, good character or bad, is gonna change the world.” – Jonathan Kent to young Clark Kent in Man of Steel Inspired by this […]

  • Tribute to the The Great Wave: A color palette based on an old Japanese painting

    Tribute to the The Great Wave: A color palette based on an old Japanese painting

    The Great Wave Color Palette After years of admiring the The Great Wave Off Kanagawa print by the legendary Japanese artist, Hokusai, I realize the colors are just as dramatic as the composition. So I decided to extract a few hues and create a color palette based on the main elements of the design. I […]

  • The world’s simplest phone

    I love this. The world’s simplest phone in a sleek little black box. It’s called John’s Phone. Consider it the anti-iPhone. No apps or hi-res screen. Just a phone with buttons that works really well. A better user experience through LESS experience. Has anybody used one, or seen it in person?

  • The User Experience Hierarchy of Needs

    The User Experience Hierarchy of Needs #ux #ui #design

  • The wisdom of craftsmanship

    I came across this interesting piece of Scripture while reading the Bible this morning: 1  AND THE Lord said to Moses,2  See, I have called by name Bezalel son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah.3  And I have filled him with the Spirit of God, in wisdom and ability, in understanding and intelligence, and […]

  • Old-School Dark Color Palette: Sportomatic

    Inspiration Cruising through I found an old poster of a Porsche 911 “Sportomatic” at the Nurburgring in 1967. I was drawn to the green monochrome photo and the overall color scheme. The green and orange reminded me of old video game cartridge labels. The Porsche poster’s dark background and muted colors are a theme I’ve […]

  • I’m a podcast junkie.

    I love listening to podcasts while I work. Especially if the task at hand is monotonous or design related. Now if I’m coding, I usually just listen to instrumental music. Hearing words and writing code don’t mix. I’ll end up typing what the person says somewhere in the code. That breaks things. I love my […]

  • Mid-Century Modern Color Palette: Modern Hero Suit

    Inspired by the hero graphic on for The Colbert Report (as of 4/12/11), the color scheme really connected with me. Calm, powerful, and bold. I had to create a color palette in tribute. Enjoy.

  • Book Review: The Four Hour Work Week

    Summary Overall, my mental and emotional experience reading the The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris felt something like this: I’m having a chat in a coffee shop with Tim, the author. He suddenly flips over the table, screams “Eighty Twentyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!”, punches me in the face, injects an adrenaline shot into my neck, and throws me into a Ferrari […]

  • Interview with Designer and Entreprenuer Casey Doss

    After interviewing Casey Doss recently, I found myself humbled and inspired by the way he manages work and family life. He doesn’t let being extremely busy get his priorities out of order; an on-going battle for anyone, especially freelancers. Who are you? Casey Doss. 28. Married and father of two girls. What do you do? […]