Alabama kids

We are Alabama Kids in a Ghetto 1980s on a Chevy Vega
Me and my friends in the 1980s on our Chevy Vega. We are Alabama kids.

Chasing fireflies through the summer night
Listening to the crickets lullaby
Laying on the roof of mommas car
Searching for one more shooting star

Running through the rain of a thunderstorm
Hiding from girls in our pillow fort
Shooting potato guns into the trees
Swimming in a flooded Creek

Sliding in the mud with bare feet
Exploring The Woods until “It’s time to eat!”
Cooking popcorn as a treat
Watching movies from 1953

Screaming “Roll Tide!” in the fall
Playing hours of backyard football
Fighting with the kid from down the street
Going to church 3 days a week


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