Paris Vega with dreadlocks playing guitar on the beach with Chase Bowers.
Paris Vega with dreadlocks playing guitar on the beach with Chase Bowers in 2004.

There’s nothing like vibing with your band during a jam session. I’m a bass player. I also dabble (lightly) in the drums, guitar, vocals, and keys. Over the years I’ve played in a few bands: christian rock, worship music, and cover bands. Some of them recorded and released music, but most just played locally for fun. I always enjoyed being in the moment with people making the music happen together. And sometimes, making music feels like we’re talking directly to God in a way that no other form of prayer or worship can.

Paris Vega’s Band Experience

(1994) Tuscaloosa First Assembly Youth & Adult Praise Teams

  • Bass Guitar & Back Ground Vocals

(1996) Church Bus Seven

  • Bass Guitar

(1997) Mindset

  • Bass Guitar

(1998) Blind Man’s Caravan

  • Bass Guitar

(1999) Zamar

  • Bass Guitar, Back-up Vocals

(2002) Glass Angel

  • Bass Guitar, Lead Vocals

(2002) Divided Highway

  • Guitar, Lead Vocals

(2003) Awaken, Christian Worship/Rock Band

  • Bass Guitar on all Songs

(2003) A Fond Farewell, Christian Rock/Punk/Screamo/Whatever Band

  • Bass Guitar on all songs

(2006) Tuscaloosa First Assembly Praise Team

  • Worship Leader, Guitar, Lead Vocals

(2017) Sleepy James and the Joint Pains

  • Bass Guitar

(2018) Alright Alright Alright 90’s cover band

  • Bass Guitar

(2019) Respect The Polygon

  • Bass Guitar

My Musical Journey

My grandmother taught me to play the piano when I was nine years old. She was great woman in my eyes, but a harsh teacher with little patience. I picked up a few basics before we quit our regular lessons together.

At 11 years old I heard an older teenager playing the bass guitar at a Christian private school I went to for 3 years. It sounded awesome and he was getting attention from the girls. I was hooked. Eventually, my mom pawned the title of her car so she could afford to buy me a bass guitar, a small fender bass amp, and a VHS tape with lessons.

I learned alone in my bedroom. Then played a song I learned for my family: some were polite, but others were obviously not impressed. Had to get better.

Eventually I joined the youth praised & worship band playing bass guitar. That was the first time I’d played with other humans. It was way more fun than practicing alone.

That opened the door to meeting other musicians in the Church music scene in my town. Once I met Jamey Hamm we played together for years in different versions of Christian rock and/or cover bands off and on for the next 20 years or so.

Now playing is music is just something I do alone or with my family. Every once in awhile I may fill in at a church or a jam session with friends.

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