Scientists Invent Holodeck!

The VirtuSphere
The ultimate gaming experience: 360 degree virtual reality. Nice tights.

FINALLY! Every gamer has dreamed of the day of real virtual gaming. Well, my cheeto-loving friends, our day has finally come. The VirtuSphere let’s you run around in what looks like a huge plastic soccer ball that sits on rollers. With a headset over your eyes and a gun in hand, you can literally run, jump, or crawl around the virtual environment. Now you can rack up kills in your favorite first-person shooter while getting a great cardio workout. Of course it’s very expensive right now. Only military forces, governments, and big entertainment companies have bought them so far. It may take a few years for VirtuSphere to come to your nearest discount super-store. But when it does, Halo will never be the same. WOOT! WOOT!


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