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  • Why take risks? 10 quotes on taking risk to push you over the edge.

    It’s easy to convince yourself that if you never take risks, you will always be safe. If you don’t move, if you don’t speak up, if you don’t try, you will never fail. But that’s simply not true. Choosing not to explore is choosing ignorance of what would be explored. Choosing not to take a […]

  • Starting a watch brand… or maybe not.

    I started building a watch brand called MYTH Watches in 2019. It didn’t work out. Here’s the story about what happened during one of many entrepreneurial experiments I pursued in 2019. In the past, I never thought about watches much. Wore them a few times, but couldn’t get into it. The Apple Watch [1] had […]

  • How Chase Bowers got 1,000+ new customers without spending a dime. (First Customers e1)

    I recently interviewed Chase Bowers on the first episode of the First Customers podcast. Chase is the Founder of Dropified, the 2019 Inc 5000’s fastest growing company in Alabama and #55 in the USA. Dropified is a platform for managing and automating a drop shipping business. It has a 3-Year growth rate of 4,971% with 5.1 Million […]

  • Interview with Designer and Entreprenuer Casey Doss

    After interviewing Casey Doss recently, I found myself humbled and inspired by the way he manages work and family life. He doesn’t let being extremely busy get his priorities out of order; an on-going battle for anyone, especially freelancers. Who are you? Casey Doss. 28. Married and father of two girls. What do you do? […]