Growth in chaos.

Nothing is guaranteed in business. Companies are hard to start and hard to run. Most go out of business before the 10 year mark. With a million potential paths forward, you have to make decisions every day with incomplete information. If you choose well, you’ll find a path with enough customers to keep you in…More

Starting a Digital Marketing Department at The Nine

In January 2020, I joined The Nine to start a digital marketing department as their Marketing Director. The existing web design & development clients started asking for help with digital marketing services like Lead Generation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Ecommerce Marketing, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. Without anyone on The Nine’s team to fill this new…More

How to get 1,000+ new customers without spending a dime.

I recently interviewed Chase Bowers on the first episode of the First Customers podcast. Chase is the Founder of Dropified, the 2019 Inc 5000’s fastest growing company in Alabama and #55 in the USA. Dropified is a platform for managing and automating a drop shipping business. It has a 3-Year growth rate of 4,971% with 5.1 Million…More