Alabama man saves family from attacker on gameday (True Story)

The green tea tea-bagger strikes again!

Tuscaloosa, AL – An Alabama man, Sean Lee, was enjoying a Saturday morning bath while his wife and two young daughters walked their lab puppies outside their house near the Bryant Denny Stadium. 

Suddenly, screams from his wife cut through the fall air. 

Lee springs into action, fearing the worst. 

Running out the front door he finds a pitbull attacking one of their puppies.

Mr. Lee instantly jumps on the attacking dog’s back, grabs it by the neck, and tightens his hold until the dog is choked to sleep.

“Don’t kill it, babe!” says his wife trying to protect her children from a gruesome scene.

Sean Lee, a former fireman with decades of mixed martial arts training, expertly releases enough pressure so that he maintains control but doesn’t allow the dog to die.

The choke hold Lee used to submit the dog is called a rear naked choke

As it turns out, this name has never so accurately described a series of events until now.

Because at this moment Mr. Lee realizes he is still completely naked and dripping wet from his bath as he stands over the unconscious pitbull in his front yard with gameday traffic passing by towards the stadium.

After giving his neighbors a visceral preview of what Alabama would do to Georgia weeks later in the 2021 SEC Championship, Lee puts the pitbull into a dog cage, gets dressed, and calls Animal Services.

The pitbull was safely taken away and the attacked puppy was not seriously injured.

Mr. Lee only suffered minor scrapes and scratches from the struggling pitbull.

The Lee family was a little shaken up but were able to enjoy the rest of their gameday in Tuscaloosa knowing that daddy was a hero.

To this day no one believes the neighbors every time they tell the story of the naked Asian man who ran out of the house, jumped on a pitbull, and choked it to sleep on gameday.

Roll Tide.


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