Button It Up

A better WordPress Upload/Insert button

In response to the positive feedback from my last post about making the WordPress Upload/Insert button look more clickable, I’ve written my first WordPress plugin that’s open to the public. I’m calling it Button It Up*.

All it does, for now, is change the style of the upload insert button to look like an actual button.


Other than creating consistency throughout the UI, the main reason for this tweak is to make the button more find-able for first-time WordPress users. Hopefully this tweak, or a better version of it, will make it into WordPress core.

Until then, you can use this tiny plugin to make the WordPress admin more usable for your clients.

You can download Button It Up directly from the WordPress plugin directory.


Let me know if you guys find any bugs or anything.

*The name “Button It Up” was most definitely influenced by the podcast Back To Work with Merlin Mann & Dan Benjamin


2 responses to “Button It Up”

  1. Mark Root-Wiley Avatar
    Mark Root-Wiley

    Hi Paris,

    Thanks for making this! When you first posted about this, I got it in my mind to turn your idea into a plugin, but by the time I did (and luckily before I submitted it to the Plugin Repository), I found yours.

    With that said, I thought there were a couple things you might improve, and I left those suggestions as a thread on the support forums (http://wordpress.org/support/topic/plugin-button-it-up-bugs-suggestions).

    I still have the version of the plugin I made, so if you want to check it out, just get in touch with me. I'd really like to use this plugin on every client site and recommend it to others, but I'd like to see a couple improvements first.

    Thanks again! This is a much needed, if small, UI improvement.

    1. Awesome! I’ll take a look.

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