What is SEO? SEO is Search Engine Optimization.

Search engines first launched in the 1990s. Since then businesses around the world have tried to be included in the top rankings on Google’s first page.

After several experiments in the early days of the web, I launched my first live website in 2006,, to promote my first business offering freelance graphic design services.

After looking at my website’s traffic stats I realized people around the world could view my website. It was exciting.

I experimented with optimizing specific pages for specific keywords and got to the #1 spot for a few long-tail search phrases.

I was hooked.

Even though I wasn’t getting a lot of traffic at the time, this was a new kind of rush.

SEO felt like a video game. There were basically 10 winners in a race between billions of pages on the internet, with 1st place getting the biggest reward of the most attention, traffic, and money-earning potential.

Since then I’ve worked with agencies and companies around the world to help them improve their websites, get more leads, and increase sales through search engine optimization.

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