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  • Build your own school

    Summary Build your own school by focusing on a better way to teach school-age kids, which can be summarized with the following: Build connections with reality by going deep into one area of curiosity and discussing what you learn with others. – Paris Vega We homeschool our kids. My wife does 99% of the work…

  • Powering the People

    There is a sovereign human drive inside us all that chants these basic desires: Let us be free. Let us speak. Let us learn what we want. Let us trade with whoever we want. Let us live and work where we want. Let us build communities with whoever we want. Let us solve our own…

  • Fusion Power by 2035 …ish.

    If scientists can perfect fusion power, they will usher in a golden age for power production, with systems providing all the benefits of nuclear reactors and none of the drawbacks. -read full story