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  • How did Engineer Nick Maciel grow Cadversity to profitability within one month of launching? (First Customers e5)

    Product design is expensive & risky. Cadversity is here to change that. Nick Maciel started Cadversity to help people with ideas bring their physical products to life. Nick tells the story of his life as an entrepreneur from childhood through his college years. He’s exited two businesses and is successfully building his third, all while […]

  • Book Review: The Four Hour Work Week

    Summary Overall, my mental and emotional experience reading the The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris felt something like this: I’m having a chat in a coffee shop with Tim, the author. He suddenly flips over the table, screams “Eighty Twentyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!”, punches me in the face, injects an adrenaline shot into my neck, and throws me into a Ferrari […]

  • What’s the best computer for graphic design: Mac or PC?

    What kind of computer do you suggest for graphic design? Mac? PC? My laptop is too slow to do a lot of what I’ve been doing lately so I’m looking for a new computer. Lots of people say “go with a Mac”, but I could build a PC with a much faster processor and better video card for a lot less. What do you think?

  • The Best Watch Design I’ve Ever Seen.

    This extraordinary minimal wrist watch designed by Iskender Asanaliev, features a clear LED display that shows the current hour with a hand built from the minutes. The minutes are ultra slick numbers fashioned into the shape of the hour hand. This watch is not currently in production. The designer is still looking for a manufacturer. […]

  • Scientists Invent Holodeck!

    FINALLY! Every gamer has dreamed of the day of real virtual gaming. Well, my cheeto-loving friends, our day has finally come. The VirtuSphere let’s you run around in what looks like a huge plastic soccer ball that sits on rollers. With a headset over your eyes and a gun in hand, you can literally run, […]