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  • Explaining Pi

    One day my wife and I noticed our boy, 6 at the time, repeating something to himself while holding a dollar bill. Suddenly, he says, “I got it!” He then quoted back to us the serial number from the dollar bill without looking. That’s a random 10 digit number that muh boy decided to memorize without any instruction from us. […]

  • May your art never die.

    The Xbox cable brushes against the guitar strings. They mutter a cautious chirp from behind the TV. Frightened, the guitar blasts me with guilt and musical memories. Dazed I stagger back. Hesitant. A deep ache rises from a forgotten place. Sorcery! That old stringed box works strong magic against my soul, begging to be heard […]

  • Tribute to the The Great Wave: A color palette based on an old Japanese painting

    Tribute to the The Great Wave: A color palette based on an old Japanese painting

    The Great Wave Color Palette After years of admiring the The Great Wave Off Kanagawa print by the legendary Japanese artist, Hokusai, I realize the colors are just as dramatic as the composition. So I decided to extract a few hues and create a color palette based on the main elements of the design. I […]

  • Actions do more than words.

      Use words to source actions. As an independent contractor/freelancer I’ve realized that selling plays a critical role in business. Like it or not, it’s a necessity, but it’s not my strength. In an effort to learn more about sales I signed up for a sales-related email newsletter filled with quotes, inspiration and advice on […]

  • The University of Alabama Permanent Collection, 2005

       The first curious steps into Sarah Moody Art Gallery quickly transformed into a journey through some of the most popular names in contemporary art over the last 100 years.  Picasso, Rauschenberg, and Chuck Close hung within inches of each other. This impressive collection only grew more interesting after passing Krasner, Dali, and Richard Long. […]

  • Choosing a path

    One day while daydreaming as usual in a college math class, i made a list. This list was different from most lists because i never got past number one. I had been struggling again with stressing questions like: What should i major in? What do i want to be? What should i do with my […]

  • Metamorphosis

    Change is constant and definite. To be is to change. Everything in the physical universe is changing from life to death. It is a cycle. The first half of all life grows, and the second half deteriorates that growth. From positive to negative we fall. Unlike the outside world, however, the inner human man/woman can change […]