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  • Christina Aldan, International TEDx speaker, award-winning corporate trainer, & brand strategy consultant helps startups get their first customers (First Customers e10)

    Christina Aldan is an international TEDx speaker, award-winning corporate trainer, and brand strategy consultant at Arana Software. She’s helped a lot of startups get their first customers. This was like entrepreneur therapy. I highly recommend listening and learning from Christina’s vast experience and wisdom gained from her work with startups and executives. Topics covered: Follow […]

  • Idea: Pay-as-you-leave shopping experience

    Idea Summary:– swipe card or facial recognition connected to your account as you enter store– put stuff in cart and leave store, items detected by RFID or similar tech– your account is charged with no cashier human interaction needed ūüôĀ (At the time when I wrote this, these kinds of stores didn’t exist. Amazon came […]

  • My plugin gets added to WordPress core!

    WordPress 3.5 was released yesterday.¬†After upgrading my site, I checked the editor screen and noticed a tiny tweak that made me smile. It looks like¬†my humble suggestion finally made it in to WordPress core. Notice the Add Media button… it’s an actual button!¬†The previous version of the button looked like this: It was an easily […]

  • Button It Up

    A better WordPress Upload/Insert button In response to the positive feedback from my last post about making the WordPress Upload/Insert button look more clickable, I’ve written my first WordPress plugin that’s open to the public. I’m calling it Button It Up*. All it does, for now, is change the style of the upload insert button […]

  • If ya wanna click it, ya better put a button on it

    How do I upload an image in WordPress? Frequently, clients who are staring at the WordPress content editing screen ask me, “How do I upload an image?” As an experienced WordPress user/designer/developer I used to get blown away by how silly such a question sounded. The button’s right there! But after running in to this […]

  • Google+ will improve your social media experience, even if you don’t use it.

    The Question My friend at Good Web Work¬†asked the question,”To what problem is Google+ a solution?”. I started to write a comment on his post, but after the scroll bar popped up on the comment form realized this was blog post material¬†. I have no idea what I’m talking about I haven’t used Google+ yet […]

  • An Inconvenient User Experience: Gmail Drafts

    Summary I love Gmail. If you accidentally discard a draft its gone forever. I think Gmail should send discarded drafts to trash. You can vote for that feature¬†here. I love everything about Gmail except one thing… Discarded drafts are unrecoverable without warning. I accidentally clicked the Discard Drafts button while scrolling by a different part […]

  • What’s the best computer for graphic design: Mac or PC?

    What kind of computer do you suggest for graphic design? Mac? PC? My laptop is too slow to do a lot of what I’ve been doing lately so I’m looking for a new computer. Lots of people say “go with a Mac”, but I could build a PC with a much faster processor and better video card for a lot less. What do you think?

  • Myspace Sucks

    I think all designers would agree that Myspace sucks. A usability nightmare, Myspace is the perfect example of those money-hungry banner-ad-loving sites that cares more about squeezing pennies out of pixels than creating a sane user experience. I know they’ve got to pay the bills, but… they suck. Appropriately, Myspace recently got #1 on PC […]