Things orbiting my life right now.


Love, Integrity, Freedom, Endurance (LIFE)

Love: Building a family is the ultimate expression of love. Building a community next. At the personal scale it means treat others the way I want to be treated, but don’t treat them in ways they don’t want to be treated. Do the most good each day while doing the least harm, even if inconvenient. The most good that could be done locally is being kind to those around you at every level. Zooming out to the greatest good that can be done for humanity is making Earth rich with life and abundance, then expanding the biosphere across the stars so that humans can grow in knowledge and durability with each knew world we discover.

Integrity: Align my thoughts, words, and actions. Do what I say. Consistency / Focus / Reliability / Trustworthiness.

Freedom: Empower Individuals. Decentralize Power Structures / Individual Sovereignity / Autonomy / Curiosity / Exploration / Holy Spirit.

Endurance: Actively pursue greatness over time. Grit / Persistence / Faithfulness / Determination / Diligence / Discipline.


Strength: Built a home gym. I go through a rotation of Push day, Leg day (squats), Pull day, Leg Day (deadlifts). A few other targeted exercises are thrown in purely for vain aesthetics.

Speed: Fast/Slow Interval Training (HiiT). Running, biking, rowing, or traditional strength training exercises done in the HiiT format. Haven’t been consistent with speed training. Its definitely the toughest for me.

Endurance: Walk, bike, run, swim. I feel the most mental benefits from endurance training. But I haven’t been consistent.

Hot/Cold Training: Sauna and cold plunge has been the #1 fastest way to change the way I feel. Complete physical happiness and contentment is the best way to describe how I feel when I end a workout with 20 minutes in the sauna followed by 3-6 minutes in the cold bath. Truly eye-opening, life-changing, and any other hype words.


Chief Growth Officer at The Nine Digital, Host of the First Customers podcast, and Investor/Cofounder in and a few others. Learn more on my Work page.

Every once in a while I’m learning Ruby on Rails, Python, & Node.js to build tools to help me be more effective/efficient at building permissionless leverage.


Analyzing businesses, especially ones for sale.

Playing video games with my kids, family, or friends.

Learning about survival, prepping, self-defense training, and farming.