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  • What can Liam Corcoran, teacher/rapper/artist, teach you about networking?

    Liam Corcoran is a Teacher, Rapper, and Artist. He’s also the Founder of an education startup called OK. He is one of the founding teachers at Synthesis, the online program that evolved out of Elon Musk’s school at SpaceX. He also served as an Acton Academy Guide. Liam’s thoughtfulness, openness to connection, and clarity of […]

  • May your art never die.

    The Xbox cable brushes against the guitar strings. They mutter a cautious chirp from behind the TV. Frightened, the guitar blasts me with guilt and musical memories. Dazed I stagger back. Hesitant. A deep ache rises from a forgotten place. Sorcery! That old stringed box works strong magic against my soul, begging to be heard […]