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  • Tribute to the The Great Wave: A color palette based on an old Japanese painting

    Tribute to the The Great Wave: A color palette based on an old Japanese painting

    The Great Wave Color Palette After years of admiring the The Great Wave Off Kanagawa print by the legendary Japanese artist, Hokusai, I realize the colors are just as dramatic as the composition. So I decided to extract a few hues and create a color palette based on the main elements of the design. I […]

  • Old-School Dark Color Palette: Sportomatic

    Inspiration Cruising through designspiration.net I found an old poster of a Porsche 911 “Sportomatic” at the Nurburgring in 1967. I was drawn to the green monochrome photo and the overall color scheme. The green and orange reminded me of old video game cartridge labels. The Porsche poster’s dark background and muted colors are a theme I’ve […]

  • Mid-Century Modern Color Palette: Modern Hero Suit

    Inspired by the hero graphic on hulu.com for The Colbert Report (as of 4/12/11), the color scheme really connected with me. Calm, powerful, and bold. I had to create a color palette in tribute. Enjoy.

  • Fitts Architects Website Design Process

    Fitts Architects in Tuscaloosa, Alabama hired me to redesign and rebuild their website. Here is the story behind the project and the process we went through to polish their brand on the internet. Respect at first sight In college I lived within 100 yards of the Fitts Architects office. Every time I drove by I […]

  • Retro Vintage Color Palette: Vinyl Polaroid

    All the faded luminescence of photographs from the 60s, 70s, and 80s expressed in a simple swath of muted hues. I created this mellow palette on COLOURlovers.com after being inspired by this beautiful photo of a woman flipping her hair: COLOURlovers is a great place to find inspiration. I visit the site often when deciding […]