The Web Craftsmen

In 2012 I partnered up with my long time co-worker and friend, Gary Hussey to start The Web Craftsmen.

We worked together at a corporate job and on freelance projects, so the partnership made sense. Gary lead web development team, and I led design while helping with front-end dev as need. We both brought in sales. (Looking back, we should have figured out a better separation between the production team and sales team.)

Our goal was to deliver a higher quality service than we saw being offered by other web design and dev companies at the time. We also wanted to build better websites and software than we had been allowed to build at our past jobs.

Our last version of The Web Craftsmen website before I left the agency in 2014.

Responsive design was just becoming popular back then. Only 5 years out from the first iPhone, mobile-friendly websites weren’t universal yet. Our tag line became something like “You’re website should just work everywhere.”

We started working along side a design and branding agency in Pensacola, Florida called idgroup. We became their dedicated web development team for a few years and built some great websites together. Eventually we partnered with them to build a software product called Limelight that helped medical offices and hospitals gather patient feedback more easily.

Then we partnered with The American Driver Network to help launch a truck driver recruiting service. When that project launched it exploded in a good way after a tough build period.

During my time at The Web Craftsmen I learned a lot, had many adventures, made lots of mistakes, but most importantly we made some great things for our clients.

After running that company with Gary for a few years, I decided to leave The Web Craftsmen in December of 2014 to focus more on helpingThe American Driver Network continue to grow.

The Web Craftsmen will always be a special memory for me because of the genuine effort we put into those projects and our striving to create something great.

We didn’t hit the goals we originally laid out for that company. Not even close. But we took a risk and built something that provided work for our contractors that helped us, and valuable money making websites for our clients.