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  • How did David Smooke grow HackerNoon from 0 to 4 million readers per month?

    David Smooke, Founder & CEO of HackerNoon, a technology website that publishes 50 stories per day read by about 4 million people every month. He takes us on the journey from selling his skills as an agency, through the grind of building HackerNoon for years without pay, until finally landing their first advertising deal. Show […]

  • May your art never die.

    The Xbox cable brushes against the guitar strings. They mutter a cautious chirp from behind the TV. Frightened, the guitar blasts me with guilt and musical memories. Dazed I stagger back. Hesitant. A deep ache rises from a forgotten place. Sorcery! That old stringed box works strong magic against my soul, begging to be heard […]

  • Actions do more than words.

    Use words to source actions. As an independent contractor/freelancer I’ve realized that selling plays a critical role in business. Like it or not, it’s a necessity, but it’s not my strength. In an effort to learn more about sales I signed up for a sales-related email newsletter filled with quotes, inspiration and advice on sales […]