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  • My plugin gets added to WordPress core!

    WordPress 3.5 was released yesterday. After upgrading my site, I checked the editor screen and noticed a tiny tweak that made me smile. It looks like my humble suggestion finally made it in to WordPress core. Notice the Add Media button… it’s an actual button! The previous version of the button looked like this: It was an easily […]

  • Button It Up version 1.2 released

    With the release of my first public WordPress plugin last month I received encouraging nods and tweets from the community, as well as some constructive feedback. One user requested a very specific set of changes: Paris, Thanks for making this plugin! After reading your article a while ago, I went and wrote this exact plugin but […]

  • How to rip the faces off WordPress hackers… their cheeto-encrusted life-sucking evil faces.

    How to deal with website hackers Find hacker that attacked your site and destroyed the efforts of your labor. Insert hand grenade into hacker mouth. Pull pin. Kick in the nuts. Run, laughing as their head explodes. If that doesn’t work, here are some plugins to protect your WordPress site from future hacker evil. WordPress […]