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  • The Never Ending Project: How to Prevent Scope Creep

    Have you ever worked on a project that would… not… end!? Me, too. Poorly organized fixed-rate projects quickly turn into hourly-rate eating monsters that even Falkor couldn’t save you from. What is Scope Creep? Scope Creep is any work requested by the client that isn’t included within your original agreement. It can happen at any […]

  • Say no to spec work… even in France.

    I recently got a request to design a logo for someone in Paris, France. They found my site while looking for logo designers in Paris. How did they find me? Guess who’s number one in Google for the keyphrase “Paris logo design“. That’s right. As of 3/26/2010, ParisVega.com ranks number one for that search phrase. […]

  • Why freelancers should use digital contracts with esignatures

      Word of mouth agreements are too risky There is no reason to waste time and money by running your business on word-of-mouth agreements. The risk is too high, and the cost of integrating contracts into your business is getting lower everyday. I use a simple PDF e-signature contract that is sent to the client […]