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Old-School Dark Color Palette: Sportomatic


Cruising through I found an old poster of a Porsche 911 “Sportomatic” at the Nurburgring in 1967.

I was drawn to the green monochrome photo and the overall color scheme. The green and orange reminded me of old video game cartridge labels.


The Porsche poster’s dark background and muted colors are a theme I’ve been noticing a lot lately. This increased awareness started after I switched the color scheme of my code editor to a more aesthetically pleasing and much easier to read format.

Coda color scheme

The New Color Palette: Sportomatic

I decided it was time to give in to the Universe and document this theme with a new color palette. I give you, Sportomatic:

To download this color palette head over to Sportomatic’s page on They provide every format you could possibly want. Feel free to use it on any project, personal or commercial. I’d love to hear about what you do with it and I would be glad to link to your work.

Sportomatic in use

Here is a pattern I created on ColorLovers to see the new color palette in action:

Retro pattern and color scheme


The Mazda Furai explodes my face.

2008 Mazda Furai concept
The Mazda Furai is a beautifully designed piece of machinery that will melt your face. The swooping curves built into the exterior, the lighting in the grill, and the overall shape of the car shocked me when I first saw it in TopGear magazine. Whatever your style, you have to appreciate this design’s extravagance.

Mazda Furai Concept 2008 - rear
Mazda Furai Concept 2008 - rear / From

Microwave beam car stopper fries cars in nanoseconds.

There is a new weapon on the police force. At 5 feet 200 pounds an officer may not be effective on the highways when faced with runaway criminals. Given his stature he may not even make it back to his patrol car before the vandals completely escape. But 5 feet 200 pounds of microwave laser gun mounted to the top of a patrol car would get the job done easily. As soon as the bad guys started to pull away the microwave beam would “fry” all electronics in the get-away car, rendering it motionless. Eureka Aerospace has built such a weapon and are getting powerful results.

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