5 places freelance designers go to find jobs

5 places to find freelance design jobs

Here are 5 places I visit regularly to find freelance work. Of the sites listed below, only Sortfolio and Coroflot have given me actual projects. I think my prices were too high for most of the jobs I applied for on the other sites. It’s hard to compete with Asia, but for now, there are still plenty of opportunities available for everybody with a solid portfolio and the willingness to work.

Yes, a lot of the jobs on these sites are posted by people shopping for the cheapest price possible without concern for quality. I pass on those jobs. This allows me to focus on jobs that sound cool or pay wads of cash. This strategy is starting to pay off. I recently landed a fun temporary job that pays handsomely for quality work and allows me to do what I enjoy (designing things).

If you’re a seasoned professional or even if you’re just starting out, these job sites are worth a look. Especially since most of them are free.

  1. Sortfolio
  2. Coroflot
  3. Freelance Switch Job Board
  4. Krop
  5. Elance

Have you gotten a job from any of these or other online job boards?

*Updated July 1, 2010


5 responses to “5 places freelance designers go to find jobs”

  1. Jonathan Avatar

    Aggregate all the jobs together on sites like http://www.webfreelancing.com

  2. parisvega Avatar

    Thanks for the tip, Jonathan.

  3.  Avatar

    You can also try this link, you can find not only graphic design
    Alexander Sy,
    Freelance Graphic Design Jobs

  4. Thanks Alexandersy for the link.

  5. E posso afirmar que hoje no Brasil existe uma
    enorme demanda por net designers capacitados e que essa demanda não é atendida.

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