WordPress Website Design and Development

UPDATE: I no longer offer WordPress websites as a service, but you can hire me through The Nine, the agency I’m a part of now, to design, build, and grow your website with our custom content management system, Caboose.

WordPress is a great way to manage your website. I recommend it to all my clients for the following reasons:

  1. You can easily edit your website’s content.
  2. Search engine’s love the way WordPress structures your content.
  3. Plug-ins are available for WordPress that extend its usefulness from being simple blog software to a full e-commerce store, or a complex real estate listings website.  Any type of website can be built with WordPress. The sky is the limit.

Here are examples of websites that I’ve designed and built with WordPress:

  • Gulf South Solar
  • Villa Hope Adoption Agency
  • Louisiana Solar Energy Society
  • and this website! parisvega.com

My prices for custom WordPress website design start at $2,500.

If you would like to hire me to build your website, contact me.