Unity Fest

In 2002, while praying on a missions trip in Latin America with the Book of Hope International (now OneHope), I had a vision for music festival / community outreach event. That became Unity Fest.

My friends and I started this Christian music festival that involved christian rock bands and hiphop artists from around the southeast. The first event was not just focused on music, but also prayer and outreach to the local community the whole week leading up to the event. Then on the Saturday of that week, we held an all day concert with food and guest speakers in between sets. We got on the local news and united several churches in an effort to spread God’s love as one body of believers in Jesus.

I’m thankful for our main sponsor of Unity Fest, Jim Davis, who later became my boss and mentor for many years. While I worked at my part time job at his office he let me build a website for the event and funded the basic costs of making the event happen. The first event was inspired and I would consider it a success. It wasn’t as big as it could have been and I made many mistakes as the leader.

The second event was forced. Looking back I realize that it could have been a successful yearly event, but at 20 years old I was too narrow minded and immature to take it where it could go at the time.

Unity Fest 2002

pics coming soon…