Idea: Pay-as-you-leave shopping experience

Idea Summary:– swipe card or facial recognition connected to your account as you enter store– put stuff in cart and leave store, items detected by RFID or similar tech– your account is charged with no cashier human interaction needed ūüė¶ (At the time when I wrote this, these kinds of stores didn’t exist. Amazon came…More

My plugin gets added to WordPress core!

WordPress 3.5 was released yesterday.¬†After upgrading my site, I checked the editor screen and noticed a tiny tweak that made me smile. It looks like¬†my humble suggestion finally made it in to WordPress core. Notice the Add Media button… it’s an actual button!¬†The previous version of the button looked like this: It was an easily…More

Button It Up

A better WordPress Upload/Insert button In response to the positive feedback from my last post about making the WordPress Upload/Insert button look more clickable, I’ve written my first WordPress plugin that’s open to the public. I’m calling it Button It Up*. All it does, for now, is change the style of the upload insert button…More

If ya wanna click it, ya better put a button on it

How do I upload an image in WordPress? Frequently, clients who are staring at the WordPress content editing screen ask me, “How do I upload an image?” As an experienced WordPress user/designer/developer I used to get blown away by how silly such a question sounded. The button’s right there! But after running in to this…More