Things orbiting my life right now.


Marketing & Growth Consulting.

Projects: The First Customers podcast, , Local Vibes, , HyperTribal.

Playing Bass Guitar for Respect The Polygon.

Former UX/UI/Visual/Website Designer, Marketing Strategy Consultant, Product Manager, and Front-End Web Developer. More about my past work here.


Love, Integrity, Freedom, Endurance (LIFE)

Love: Treat others the way I want to be treated / Do most good with least harm, even if inconvenient.Integrity: Align my thoughts, words, and actions. / Consistency / Focus / Reliability / Trustworthy / Do what I say.Freedom: Empower Individuals / Decentralize Power Structures / Autonomy / Curiosity / Exploration / Holy SpiritEndurance: Grit / Persistence / Faithfulness / Determination / Diligence / Discipline


Strength: Just cancelled gym membership, about to build home gym. Going to focus on Pullups, Dips, Squats, Hex Deadlifts, with a few targeted body building exercises thrown in.

Speed: Fast/Slow Interval Training. Running, biking, or rowing. Haven’t been consistent with speed training. Its definitely the toughest for me.

Endurance: Walk, bike, run. I feel the most mental benefits from endurance training. But I haven’t been consistent.

Current Hobbies: 

Turning annoying problems into opportunities for flow states whenever possible. Fixing all the broken things around me (mostly cars, computers, and phones). Built my first custom PC… still figuring out the software. Playing video games with my kids, family, and friends.Learning Python & Node.js programming languages to build tools to help me be more effective/efficient as Marketing Strategist and Entrepreneur.

Recent Quotes:

Recent Podcasts

Indie HackersRationally SpeakingEconTalkExponential Wisdom: Optimistic futurism, Abundance, TechThe Knowledge ProjectJocko Podcast: Insider perspective of War, and the warrior mentalityWaking Up with Sam Harris: Logical discussions of current events and state of humanityFound My Fitness / Latest research in health and fitnessNomad Capitalist Live / Globe traveler and opportunity seekerThe Tim Ferris Show / Self OptimizationJoe Rogan Experience: Honest exploration of health, fitness, and current events / ComedySeveral podcasts about Permaculture, Business, Marketing, Self Improvement, Cryptocurrencies, Liberty, and Science

Recent Music: Exposing myself to Classic Country music. Didn’t know I’d like it.Explosions in the Sky, Wilderness albumThe Just Beats and Chill Electronic station on Amazon Music.