Knowledge as Power.

What’s the point of school?

Or a better question: What’s a good use of those young years in a human life? 

A productive use of that time is learning the knowledge and skills that will compound your power to survive and thrive in the midst of an ever-changing chaotic world.

Is there a better method than our modern liberal arts education system? 

Yes. Here it is:

Choose one thing you find interesting and learn everything about it. 

Go as deep as you possibly can. 

Document your journey.

Write about it. 

Photograph it.

Make videos about it.

Share what you learn as you go.

You’ll gain a perspective. 

You’ll pick up useful bits of other subjects along the way.

Then you can relate to the world with more context. This makes it easier to expand your understanding of the world from that point of context outward.

This is also more fun and more effective than government schools’ authorized curriculum. 

Why tolerate a lesser method?

There’s no objective reason to tolerate it from the student/family perspective. 

But because the government has its own incentives, they attempt to educate masses of students with similar curriculum and optimize for the efficiency of the system.

The current school system has conflicting incentives. 

  1. Student Focused: Optimize for the deep useful education of the students. 
  2. Teacher Focused: Optimize for well-being and convenience of teachers.
  3. System Focused: Optimizes for administrative efficiency.
  4. Social Focus: Optimize for social metrics based on current political movements.
  5. Ideal: Optimize for all humans involved in teaching and learning to thrive during and after school.

Take ownership of your personal growth and the education of your family.

The basic principle:

Build connections with reality by going deep into one area of curiosity and discussing what you learn with others.





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