Worx WG787 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Review

The best mower I’ve ever used After moving from an apartment into a house with a grassy yard, I headed up to Lowes for some lawn mower shopping with my son. We eventually chose the Worx WG787 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower for three reasons: MY FAVORITE FEATURES: No gas. No cords. Quiet Mode. OTHER GREAT FEATURES: Cuts…More

Locked Mess Monster

Have you ever tried to move a folder or selection of layers in Photoshop, but were interrupted by this alert? Somewhere deep down in your selection is a locked layer. If you’re working in a huge file with tons of layers, finding the locked layer or layers could take awhile. Wouldn’t this be more helpful…More

Button It Up version 1.2 released

With the release of my first public WordPress plugin last month I received encouraging nods and tweets from the community, as well as some constructive feedback. One user requested a very specific set of changes: Paris, Thanks for making this plugin! After reading your article a while ago, I went and wrote this exact plugin but…More

Idea: Get paid for your trash

The customer experience Customers sign up online schedule their trash pickup put out their trash/waste as usual receive email/update when their trash has been removed receive another update with details of how much of each material was processed and whether it was recycled, repurposed, or used to generate power Earn rewards for reaching certain goals…More