Idea: Pay-as-you-leave shopping experience

Idea Summary:– swipe card or facial recognition connected to your account as you enter store– put stuff in cart and leave store, items detected by RFID or similar tech– your account is charged with no cashier human interaction needed 😦 (At the time when I wrote this, these kinds of stores didn’t exist. Amazon came…More

Sketch Meditation Day 1 (WIP)

Starting a new sketching habit each day of whatever shapes or imagery feels good to my brain at the moment. This started while drawing with my kids at the kitchen table. I started feeling such a high from drawing simple things with them, that I’ve decided to try and make it a daily habit. Might…More

Idea: Data Visualizations from text documents

Product / Service: Infobot Concept: Data Visualizations from text documents Create data visualizations from idea documents, or any text documents, by using some kind of smart word association / context detector to automatically detect what different chunks are about. Come up with a simple syntax/format that a user could follow while writing that would result…More