Light to Shrink Computer Clusters

IBM is looking to replace the well-known copper circuitry in computers with beams of light. What are the benefits of using light instead of clunky copper wiring in computers? Here are a few: 100 times faster more powerful much smaller produces less heat and uses less energy How? Well, since they replaced the copper wiring…More

Choosing a path

One day while daydreaming as usual in a college math class, i made a list. This list was different from most lists because i never got past number one. I had been struggling again with stressing questions like: What should i major in? What do i want to be? What should i do with my…More


Change is constant and definite. To be is to change. Everything in the physical universe is changing from life to death. It is a cycle. The first half of all life grows, and the second half deteriorates┬áthat growth. From positive to negative we fall. Unlike the outside world, however, the inner human man/woman can change…More