Present: past’s future

pre-sent. This suggests that what is, became, as a result of something that has already happened. What you do now is literally creating tomorrow’s present. What will tomorrow bring? Well, what did you send?More

The Mazda Furai explodes my face.

The Mazda Furai is a beautifully designed piece of machinery that will melt your face. The swooping curves built into the exterior, the lighting in the grill, and the overall shape of the car shocked me when I first saw it in TopGear magazine. Whatever your style, you have to appreciate this design’s extravagance.More

Scientists Invent Holodeck!

FINALLY! Every gamer has dreamed of the day of real virtual gaming. Well, my cheeto-loving friends, our day has finally come. The VirtuSphere let’s you run around in what looks like a huge plastic soccer ball that sits on rollers. With a headset over your eyes and a gun in hand, you can literally run,…More

Myspace Sucks

I think all designers would agree that Myspace sucks. A usability nightmare, Myspace is the perfect example of those money-hungry banner-ad-loving sites that cares more about squeezing pennies out of pixels than creating a sane user experience. I know they’ve got to pay the bills, but… they suck. Appropriately, Myspace recently got #1 on PC…More

Open source software in schools could save taxpayers billions

Open source software is all over the place. Google Apps being a prime example. If schools switched from paying for software to these open source alternatives, the savings would be substantial. It could also provide enormous opportunities for the home-grown technology sector based around open source software. So contact your representatives and let’s change the…More