How to beat Desktop Tower Defense

To the right you will see the layout and strategy I used to beat Desktop Tower Defense 1.5 on Medium. Here is my method: 1. Cover the entrances with pellet towers. 2. Use gold to create rows of pellet towers just far enough apart to let the enemies through. 3. Upgrade the towers once the…More

The Email Standards Project… Thank God!

If the US government needs a non-violent method of torture to replace water-boarding, I would like to suggest email design. The detainees would be required to design an email that uses HTML, CSS, and images and works in all the major email clients. I am convinced that all terrorist activity would cease immediately after only…More

Awesome Designer / Developer Video Tutorials

I LOVE KNOWLEDGE!   Today my wonderful employer purchased a premium subscription to, the video tutorial site. Every designer / developer skill that I could ask for is bundled into easy to digest videos. Its awesome. Basically, I’m getting smarter (and more valuable to my company) by watching TV. Thank you God for the…More

Green Website Hosting: A carbon-free solution

What do I mean by “green”? Over the past few years the word “green” has grown from simply describing the color we see in the visible light spectrum with a wave length between 520 – 565 , into a word that suggests environmental responsibility, renewable resources and sustainabiliy. Of course, marketing gurus have wasted no…More

Gulf South Solar | Logo Design and WordPress CMS

About the Client:Gulf South Solar is the leading solar provider in Louisiana. They are based in Baton Rouge and have been installing solar for 5 years. They provide a wide range of solar power systems. The Process:It has been a pleasure working with a company that’s changing the world by spreading the use of clean…More