Typography Diagram

Typography Diagram

While rummaging through my old files I came across this typography diagram I designed in a typography class way back in art school at The University of Alabama.

We had to create a diagram based on our recently gained knowledge of the intricate parts of letter forms.

Looking back I realize my design was a little rickety, but the info was there and it was enough to get the grade I needed to move on.

The Anatomy of a typographic letter form

  • Stress
  • Counter
  • Bowl
  • x-height
  • Descender
  • Serif
  • Bracketing
  • Hairline stroke
  • Sans serif
  • Ascender
  • Point size
  • Baseline
  • Terminal
  • Stem stroke

Checkout Coursera typography courses for information about the art and science of type.

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  1. ‘While’. Don’t you just love the way software forces typography to do its bidding?

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