How to beat Desktop Tower Defense

How to beat Desktop Tower Defense
Desktop Tower Defense strategy

To the right you will see the layout and strategy I used to beat Desktop Tower Defense 1.5 on Medium.

Here is my method:
1. Cover the entrances with pellet towers.
2. Use gold to create rows of pellet towers just far enough apart to let the enemies through.
3. Upgrade the towers once the board is full towers starting with the center

Then watch them die! The key is to keep upgrading constantly.

Notice that the only weapon I used was the Pellet Tower. I did this because they are cheap and easy to upgrade. No, they don’t cause as much damage, but once upgraded to their highest level the pellet towers are all you need.

The crazy pattern I created with the towers was intended to keep the enemies on the screen as long as possible so they can get pummeled longer by my towers.

This may not be the best strategy but it worked for me. Try it out. Let me know how it goes.

Now… back to work!

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