Awesome Designer / Developer Video Tutorials

I get my knoweldge at



Today my wonderful employer purchased a premium subscription to, the video tutorial site. Every designer / developer skill that I could ask for is bundled into easy to digest videos. Its awesome. Basically, I’m getting smarter (and more valuable to my company) by watching TV. Thank you God for the internet. 

Grow Your Brain

I’ve only watched a few videos and brain has already increased its size by 25.7%. It’s like plugging into The Matrix and having skills downloaded directly into your cerebral cortex.


You need it they’ve got it

They’ve got all the acronyms you need to become a great designer or developer. XHTML, CSS, SEO, PHP, MySQL, and AJAX to name just a few. They also have the big names like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and even WordPress.

If you’re into online learning and need to brush up on your design skills or learn a new web deveopment language, then is the place to go.


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