Battles (Prayer Requests)

Caleb G: Sister, Aunt, Uncle

Michael K: Let our youth group grow in God and in size

Megan S: Haley

Jesslyn D: Grow closer in youth group, be able to give God control

Shawn k: Learn to witness to others, boldness

Christie D: Parents to serve Jesus with all

CJ D: for family to quit smoking and drinking

Candice V: family salvation, I want to be so close to the Lord, vericose veins in legs need to become healthy

Nathan: Athiest friend

Josh Se.: Aunt to get saved

TJ: for my dad to recover, dad to get better work time, comfort for family after grandfather died

Loretta B: Intimacy with God

Rhyan H: Freedom

Hailey Grace A: Peace in relationships, healing for sickness

Parisa P: Cancer in Cassidy, Aunt, Know God’s heart

Paris V: 3 brothers and 1 sister need to be rescued from darkness

Keith: needs to be healed from spina bifada

Linda: needs to be healed from spina bifada

Bobby B: headaches

Jon B: father’s rehab after stroke

Katelyn P: friend’s salvation


This Declaration of War was declared on 2-13-2008


See the results from these battles in the Comments below:

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